Tell me about your math experience.  Your essay must be at least 4 paragraphs.  You must include the following:
  1. Do you consider yourself to be good or bad at math?  Explain 
  2. What have been your good and bad experiences with math.
  3. What do you hope to accomplish this year in your math class.

You may use my entry as a guide.
8/19/2012 22:36:06

September 2012

My Math Autobiography

For this paper I will be writing about my experiences with math. I will talk about my feelings about math, my good and bad math years, and what I expect from myself this year.

I have always liked math and I have always been good at math. I say I've always been good at math because I've always gotten good grades in math. My math teachers were always really nice to me. I was constantly helping out other students and it was fun for me.

I didn't ever really feel challenged by math until I got to college. I remember my freshman year at Ohio State I received my first C in math. It was a statistics course. I worked so hard for that C. It was frustrating. I realized I never learned to study. Since I couldn't bear the thought of getting yet another bad grade in math, I decided to join a study group. Wow! That made all the difference in the world. I never again received another bad grade in math.

Since I'm a teacher, this year I hope to give my students the confidence I had with math when I was their age. I also want to teach them how to study, since I never learned to study until I got to college. Like I said in the beginning, I've always liked math and I hope my math experiences can make me a better math teacher.

Madison Jean Philippe
9/7/2012 08:26:21

Math has always been my favorite and my strongest subject ever since I started school. In this essay I will discuss whether or not I consider my self good at math, my good and bad experiences, and what I hope to accomplish in math class this year. I love math and I am excited for math class this year with our wonderful teacher Mrs. Deonarine. This will be exciting and I will try my best this school year.

I consider myself to be good at math. Math, ever since I was a child, was my best and strongest subject in school. My teachers never used to call on me because I would answer all of the math questions. I grasp the material quickly and put forth 110% effort. I love math and I feel I will do my best this year to prove I am good at math.

I have had good and bad experiences in math class. My best experience is getting straight A's on all my homework assignments for the third trimester of 8th grade. Another good memory was when I was the first person in my class to figure out a mathematical riddle in 8th grade. A bad memory was when I started slacking and did not study for a test and I got a c. That was my wake up call to do better and try hard.

There are a lot of things I hope to accomplish this year during math class. First I want to show I am good at math instead of saying I am good at math. Then I want to maintain straights A's in math no matter what it takes. Then I want stay focused and not talk during class. I don't want to distract other from learning by being rude and talking over others. Finally I would just like to do my best and have a great school year.

Noah Langberg
9/8/2012 02:00:24

In this essay, I will talk about math. Math is one of my strong subjects and one of my favorites. I will discuss whether or not I think I am good at math and some of my good and bad math experiences. I will also talk about some of my expectations for this year.

I feel that I am good at math and have definitely improved while in middle school. I think that this is because my school had four kids in it the first year, seven the second, and seventeen the last. With such a small number of kids, I got more one-on-one time with the teachers, so I understood faster and learned more.

Some good math experiences have been when I was struggling with something for a long time and it finally clicked. This was always a good feeling because then I could whip right through the problems and be done with the section. Some bad math experiences have been when I just can't figure out how to solve a problem no matter what I try. This is always eventually solved by what I mentioned in the good math experiences, but it is still a big pain.

This last paragraph would be the hardest one to find the answer to because in terms of grades, I don't know what to expect. This is because in my teeny-tiny middle school, we had personal narratives instead of grades, so I don't know what my average is. What I do know is that if I get below a ninety, I will be angry with myself. I hope I can do well in math class.

Grace Yip
9/9/2012 02:28:50

I haved always liked math. I always got good grades and understood eveything my teacher taught. Math has become my strongest subject. In this essy i will state my opinion on whether I am good or bad at math, my good and bad experiances with math, and what I wish to accomplish this year in math.

I would consider myself good at math. Many of teachers in middle school considered math as my strongest subject. I rarely needed help with any of the material. I always got 90s and above in my math classes. Even during class i would be helping other students since i have compleated my work already.

Some good memories i had was in the 8th grade. All my test grades were above the 85-90 range. I always aced my test. Another good memory i had of math was when i got straight A's on all my homework and classwork in the second trimester of the 8th grade. A bad memory was when in the 6th grade we had just started learning something new but i wasn't there for the frist 2 days of the lesson because i was absent. Everyone had grabbed the concept of it by the time i got back to school. Because i was 2 days behind everyone else i didn't understand a thing and i just barely past the test and quiz on the subject.

This year what I hope to accomplish is to keep my average above an 85% all year. I also hope to understsand everything that is taught this year and speak up when I don't understand what is going on or on something that was just caught. i also hope to always hand in my homework on time.

Krystal Waheed
9/9/2012 03:09:59

Me and Math have a very complex relationship, you could almost say where frenemies. I enjoy math its one of my favorite subjects. But i get annoyed when i cant grasp a topic.

My aunt taught me math at an early age so its always kind of been like second nature to me. I can solve problems quickly ( its not always organized though) Once i know what I'm doing the math becomes pretty easy. i would like to think im a good mathematician. I can usually keep up with whats going on, but if i cant i just re-read the notes until i know what were learning.

Now of course i have my moments when i have no idea what i'm doing. I like the subject math. its math class i have an issue with. makes no sense i know, but let me explain. my 7th grade math teacher wasn't the best. I would often be confused and just zone out. So i felt less confident in math which made me hate having to go to math class. But in the 8th grade i got a wonderful math teacher and math class became my favorite class. Math overall i enjoy but i worry about math class because i will zone out if im not completely engaged in the lesson.

This year i want to strengthen my math skills so i feel more confident, Also be more organized with my work instead of just writing on the page to get the answer. I'm very excited for this year can't wait to learn more and improve as a mathematician,

Eldin Pjetrovic
9/9/2012 03:33:40

In this paper i will be talking about my feelings about math and my experiences with math up until now.

Math was my favorite subject while i was in elementary school, but when i got to middle school i didn't like it as much. Math was my favorite because i was the best in my class. I would always help out the kids in my class that were confused and i always understood stuff right away. Math is no longer my favorite subject but it is also no my least favorite.

My experiences with math haven't been good ones in middle school. I didn't understand things and was confused most of the time. i Also didn't do much of my homework because i would just give up if i didn't know what it was about. I'm hoping this year will be easier to understand.

I'm hoping that this year will be a better year for me and that I don't have as much trouble as I did last year. I am willing to try my best and work harder to do better and get a better grade.

Carmen Yan
9/9/2012 07:42:12

People have always been stereotypical about math to Asians saying how all Asians are the best at math and stuff. I disagree but I have to say, math is my favorite subject academically. I don't always understand math but I try my best to. My math grades ever since school started for me has always been 90's and up. In high school, I expect nothing to change.

I consider myself okay at math. Math is my favorite subject because that seems to be the only thing useful for me in the future. My grades in math has always been the highest on my report card, and I won't deny it, I'm pretty proud of it. Throughout my school years, my math teachers have always been kind and patient to me because I don't always get stuff on the first try. They never gave up on me, and that's probably why I enjoy learning math.

I'd have to say the best times I encountered with math was in eighth grade when I was always one of the first people to complete math worksheets and receiving bonus points for that. Math worksheets improve my skills on math, A LOT. Another good experience would be how I would be one of the few people in my school to get 4's in the New York State math exams repeatedly, grade after grade. I don't have any trouble with math because I always ask questions if I don't understand it. As math gets more difficult, I hope my straight 90's will remain the same.

As a student, I want to maintain my good grades for math and keep my parents proud. I've heard from a lot of people that high school is a lot more different than middle school, and by that meaning, it's much more difficult. They say grades are often much lower than middle school since the topics we learn in high school is harder and more confusing. I'd do whatever it takes to prove them wrong. I'm looking forward to learning math from Ms. Deonarine.

Tabatha Roman
9/9/2012 07:56:42

I do not consider myself good nor bad in mathematics. I do struggle in some areas but once I get the hang of things it is rather easy for me. I always try my best to complete my math work correctly and I will continue to do that throughout this school year. Since math isn't my strongest point I did have a couple of bad experiences but I also had a couple of good experiences.
When a new subject comes up in math class I always struggle to grasp the concept within the first week. After that it becomes easy to me and I can complete different worksheets pertaining to that topic. The problem resurfaces when test or quizzes come along. I suddenly forgot everything I have ever learned in math and I have to struggle to remember things. One topic that I have never fully understood was fractions. No matter how many times I try to review notes or study about fractions I can never understand it. I think that because I am afraid to be wrong I ultimately stopped trying to learn about it. That goes for anything that I don't understand because after a certain point I just give up. In addition to that I do not like asking the teacher for help because it makes me feel extremely stupid, especially in front of the entire class. For example if a teacher has just explained an entire math problem for the whole class and everyone else gets it but me I wouldn't feel comfortable asking a question because it makes it seem like I wasn't paying attention and personally I don't like that.
However I did have some good experiences in math. I have never gotten anything under a 90 average. That boosted my confiedence in math because I know that it is not impossible to understand it. My teachers were always nice and helped me when they noticed I was struggling. Classwork and homework were always completed and handed in on time so that contributed to my good grades.
For this school year I would love to continue to put my best math work forward and continue to make good grades. I would also like to understand the topics more thoroughly instead of rushing through all of them. Another goal that I have set for myself is to learn how to do fractions. This math year I would like to work on my study ethic and try not to give up when I don't understand things. I am not asking to be the Albert Enstien of math but to atleast have a clear understanding of what I am doing.
All in all I do hope that this is a great math year and I can succeed in every topic that we come across because I know that it will be in my benefit for the future.

Shirley Lee
9/9/2012 08:55:02

Throughout this paper, i will be writing about my experiences with math. I could sometimes be weak in math and i could also be strong in math. I would also be writing about how i feel about math and id i like it or not.

In my opinion, I think that I'm pretty good in math because math is one of my favorite subjects and i work the hardest in math. I also get pretty high grades in math each year. For my state tests, i get higher grades in math than ela.

I had many good experiences in math than bad experiences. Some good experiences i had in math was with fractions and graphing. Each time I have homework, i always finish my math homework the quickest. Some bad experiences i had with math was when i don't know how to answer a question. When i don't know how to answer a question in math, i don't try to do it. It is a bad thing and i have to change it.

This year, i wish to get an 95 or higher for my math class. I usually get above 90 each year. So for this year i'm planning to get above 95. I also would accomplish all my work and do my best for everything. Also, i would come prepare for class everyday and try to not be late.

Ana Naumovska
9/9/2012 11:15:43

In this paper i will be talking about my experiences with math. I will discuss about my ups and downs, my feelings about math and what i want to accomplish this year.

Throughout the middle school years, math has been one of my best subjects. I have always gotten good grades in math and math and i believe that i catch up to new material quickly. On the other hand, geometry is one of my weaknesses but with some practice i think i can master it.

Overall i like math as a subject and like i mentioned before I've had a good experience with it throughout my years in school. All my previous teachers were great and knew how to break down the material so it didn't take me long to understand the units.

My expectations this year are to continue getting good grades in math and study harder so i can do well on tests and quiz's. I will do my best to maintain a good grade throughout the entire school year.

Vincenzo Acquaviva
9/9/2012 11:32:00

In this essay i will discuss my strong points and weak points in math, how I feel about math, and my goals for math this year.

One thing I am strong with in math is decimals. I have always found decimals to be the easiest thing for me to do in math, since i find it very simple to remember decimal rules. My weakest math skill would have to be fractions. This is because fractions always confuse me and I can never remember anything about them.

I feel that math is a necessary thing to learn. This is because it has so many uses in life. While math may not be my favorite subject, I still try my hardest with it and I don't necessarily dislike it.

This year I hope to maintain an A average in math. I will also try to study more for tests.

Kaylah Tucker
9/9/2012 11:41:24

Kaylah Tucker
Math Essay

Math can be very tricky for some people, easily making it their least favorite subject. For me, it's different. I have always loved math, even when it is challenging. For my essay, I will write about whether or not I consider myself good at math, my good and bad experiences in math, and what I hope to accomplish this year in math class.
Usually Math is the first homework I work on. I guess the reason I do that is because I love math and because I think I am a pretty decent math student. I usually I know what to do. I especially like doing Algebra because it is filled with proportions and multiplication. Those are my favorite areas in math. I guess I started loving math when I was in elementary school. I was great, and some students in my class were really good too, so there was always a little competition. We would always get multiplication sheets and I was always finishing them quickly, along with some of the other proficient math students. In a way, those kind of competitions were fantastic for me. I was motivated to do well on them. The students also pushed me to be great even if they didn't realize it.
When I got to middle school, the math got harder and I began to slack off a bit. I was frustrated because it wasn't as easy as it used to be, especially in seventh grade (my teacher at that time explained things and moved on to different areas very quickly, so I guess I couldn't really understand some of the topics). I have problems with probability and word problems (I still need a little help with those topics). Anyhow, I had an excellent teacher in 8th grade. She explained the topics at an understandable pace and I really did well in that class. The grade on my report card was much better, and I did very well on the state test. I was really proud of that.
What I hope to accomplish this year in math is that I continue to improve like I did in 8th grade. I know I will ask for help if I need it instead of acting like I know what I am doing (in seventh grade, that was a really big problem). Math was and still is my favorite subject. I hope I will have only good experiences in 9th grade!

Kaya Youmans
9/9/2012 11:56:50

Ever since i was in grade school math has been my favorite subject i think that it had to do with the challenges that it posed on me because i like to take on challenges. In this essay i will be describing my highs and lows with math over the past 9 years.

The highs of my math career is when i achieved the highest score i have ever gotten which was a 90. think that i received this grade because my motivation level was higher then ever before. i was excited to go to math and do work and participate. My math teacher also helped me become more motivated because she taught math in a way that i could relate to. This was in my 8th grade year of middle school, this was the year that i achieved the highest grades that i have ever scored in my whole math career.

Some of my lows points in math happened during 6th grade when i received a 50 as a finally grade in math this was an awful time in my life because i was disappointed in me and so was my mother. I believe that i wasn't used to the teaching curricular at my school therefore i tended to fall behind, but i decided to get a tutor to help me with my math struggles.

I think that i will have a good experiences in Algerbra 1 because i can now easily adapt to new learning style being as though i am older and know a lot more about math than i did in 6th grade.

Timmy Chan
9/9/2012 11:58:58

I have always consider myself to be okay at math, but a flaw I have at math is that I rush through work and tests and due to that, I make careless mistakes.

A good experience I've had with math is just always doing well in math and getting good grades on tests. Another good experience is when I got a good grade on the SHSAT, but a bad experience is I didn't get a well enough grade to get into any specialized high schools.

Getting bad grades is always a bad experience because its a bad grade and i feel really bad that I didn't study hard enough or I slacked off.

I hope to get a better or same grade as I did last year in math. I would also like to accomplish getting into a class next year. I also want to break the habit of procrastinating and being lazy.

Marcos Gabriel Quinones
9/9/2012 14:32:38

In this essay I will be expressing some feeling about my math skills and experiences over my years of schooling. I will also be expressing examples of some good and bad experiences I have had in my math classes over the years. [But won't state any government official names of horrible teachers like Mrs.Deonarine asked.]
I feel as if my math skills are not at full potential, because sometimes I will not understand strategies, and often I can't even remember formulas because of how long some are. For example sometimes I get area, and volume formulas mixed up with each other. In contrast however, when I understand something and catch on quickly with a thorough break down of everything I become a superb student, and actually want to participate instead of feeling like I can't. I am also a visual and hands on learner they go hand to hand with one another in giving me a better understanding of whats being taught to me. You can't just make me do the work without showing me how and you can't just show me how and not let me try it out and get comfortable.
Some bad experiences I have faced in math all occurred in middle school and it wasn't any of my teachers faults either so I can't even sit here and pretend like it was and bad mouth them. To be honest I didn't really try, because I either wasn't in school because I was sick, or completely didn't understand anything because I wasn't in school for vital classes to certain units. For examples two years back, we had a geometry unit and I got severely sick, to the point of having constant hospital visits, so I missed the introduction class which was always a full period of thorough explaining of what was gonna be taught. I missed three days and fell completely behind dropping my grade from an 87 to about a 72. I lost hope, and dropped even further into doodoo, because of stupid mistakes I made in work habits and in school mindset.
I want to improve my understanding of certain subjects in math such as geometry, and I want to work on memorizing formulas, and definitions of certain math terms and words. I would also like to improve on focus by removing myself from the few close friends I have in my class and not talking to anyone distracting... And I will try not to distract myself in the process.

Logan McIntyre
9/10/2012 13:26:53

In this paper i will be talking about my experiences with math. I will discuss about my ups and downs, my feelings towards math and what i wish to accomplish this year.

Throughout the middle school years, math has been one of my best subjects. I have always gotten good grades in math. I have been able to grasp new material quite easly. I do have some problems when I feel like I am being rushed to finish.

Overall i don't care for math as a subject although I've had a good experience with it throughout my years in school. All my previous teachers taught me well but i never had an good feeling towards math.

My expectations this year are to continue getting good grades in math and I want to focus on being able to do the math quicly but correctly. I will do my best to maintain a good grade throughout the entire school year.

9/10/2012 23:24:09

I think that I have a good experience with math because I'm good at it. when i do math i take my time and check over my work at the end. I say I am good at math because i am one of the first 3 people to be finished in class like when we do a worksheet of have a quiz or test depending on the type of math we are doing. Some math questions might be challenging to me ,but I still try my best to try and solve it. When i think of math i think of mysteries and to me, i like to solve mysteries so i like to do math. I think the highest grade I've got in math was a B. The reason i have got B's was because my math teachers cared about my and wanted me to succeed. My main goal this year to get at least 1 A in math. I am going to try my best by paying attention in class, doing my homework, doing my classwork, but mostly by respecting the teachers because with out them, i won't be able to succeed in this class.

francisco leon
9/10/2012 23:42:35

I do not consider myself as a bad student in math because I'm not tha t good in math. In almost in all of my state test I always got a 2 or a 3 and my mom tells me to always get a 4.iTS NEARLY Imposibe to get a 4 because you have to try hard and do everything i had bad and good expieiences in math a good expirence in math was that in 7 grade i got a 3 in the math state exam i never believed that i was that good in math a bad expiereince is that when the teacher called me to answer something i did not know the answer so i just said random stuff. I hope i acomplish that i get a better in math and by better i mean that i hope i get a better grade then i got in almost all the years i been in school and i hope that i pass the grade because i was this close of not passing the 8 grade but since i got a good grade in the state test i passed so this time i will contribute my self to do better in math and to pass the grade with good grades.So when i leave the 9the grade i hope i feel confident about what i leaned in math.

9/7/2012 07:09:38

Math to me is an pretty easy subject. I consider myself good in math because I like it and understand it. Math can help me with lot's of thing in my life, but one thing I hate is showing work. I hope to pay attention more and don't fall asleep

Math is fun to me sometimes since I consider myself good at it. I found amaze I still got 85-90 even though I don't do nothing in class. Math sometimes can be very boring. For example, shapes and graphing I don't like because it's a lot of work and take more time to understand.

Math is very useful to me in real life. For example solving the sale price of an item without calculator or being able to add prices of things up quickly. One thing that challenge me in math is showing my work. I hate it so much that sometimes I just don't do it. Every math teacher always ask me to show my work but it's just too much work. Like I got the answer already so why do I always have to show my work.

I would like to accomplish paying more attention. Usually in class I only listen to half of the class lesson. For example if a unit takes 2 weeks to teach, I just listen some of the days and I get it. Things that make me very bored and annoyed is graph and shape.

Cindy Lian
9/7/2012 07:24:02

For my autobiography I will be writing about my math experiences. I will talk about what I think about math, my good and bad times. I will also talk about what I expect of myself this year.

I have never really liked math before and I am horrible at it. I consider myself horrible at math because I usually don't listen or take notes. When I hear the teacher keep talking and writing notes I find my mind wondering off and not taking notes.I usually got a math problem wrong or not be able to solve it.

My good experience with math is that I understand a little bit. My bad experience is that most of the time I don't understand math. I have never received an A on math. I have always been one of the worse or worse person I know in math.

This year in math I hope to do a lot better. I hope to get at least a 80 . I hope to be able to learn what I need to learn in order to be able to do well. I hope to learn to like math.

Yosrick Alvarez Avalos
9/7/2012 07:30:55

In this paper, I will describe and explain how I would categorize myself as a mathmation, by answering the following questions Do you consider yourself to be good or bad at math? What have been your good and bad experiences with math? What do you hope to accomplish this year in your math class?
I would consider myself to be ok, because I know that I have some strengths and weakness in math class. Somethings are hard for me to understand because its not one of my strong points in math, but in the other hand there could be some problems that I am good at solving.
Some good experiences I have had in math class is when I study really good for a test, I get a good score. Which shows how well I studied for the test. It feels good when you do a good job on a test, because of all the studying you do. Some bad experiences I have had is when I don't understand something the teacher explained and I stay quiet it doesn't benefit for me, cause then I do bad on that type of problem.
What I would like to accomplish this year in math is understanding problems better and if I don't understand something I speak up and ask the teacher for help, for homework, classwork, etc. I would also like to get good grades, 95 or higher.
I hope this year is fun in math and learn a lot from peers and the teacher. Hope to have a lot of fun and interesting projects and learn to become a better math student. I would also like to learn more strategies and tips in becoming a better student for this year and in the future.

Chloe Smith
9/7/2012 09:38:40

From past experiences I have been okay in math. I wouldn’t really call myself a wiz but I do alright. I consider myself good at math but not great. There have been many good/bad experiences in math such as doing badly on a test and doing exemplary on a test. There are also many things I hope to accomplish in my school year such as getting 90’s and above.

To be truthful I consider myself bad at math for many reasons. I tend to give up when I don’t get a unit or subject. I ask for help but sometimes I still don’t get. That’s why I hope to be good at math this year. I try my best and it pays off sometimes at the end.

I have had many experiences in math, some good and some bad. One good experience was when there was a big test coming up and I had studied the night before. When I got back my test I got a 98%. I was so proud of myself for studying the night before. One bad experience was when I was struggling on a unit and we also had a big test and I got a really low grade on it which taught me to study more.

There are many things that I hope to accomplish in this upcoming year such as getting 90’s and above. I hope to do very well in homework and put forth lots of effort in all the work that I do. I hope this year challenges me and teaches me a lot more.

Becky Chan
9/7/2012 09:47:38

I've had bad and good times with math. I hope that I will learn more about math through out this year.

I wouldn't say I hate math, I tried my best in learning the concept of it. In one of the years at my middle school, I couldn't learn as well. Last year in eighth grade, I had a good teacher that taught me really well and I started to like math more. By the way she taught me and my classmates that I had at the table, they gave me even more help. When i'm in that class, I felt eager the learn.

This year I expect myself to learn how to do math and remember the steps on figuring out the problem. At sixth grade I didn't do well on a test because I didn't really know how to do the math. Unlike my eighth grade teacher, she didn't explain the steps in detail. For me, that's how I learn math better. I expect myself to do good on tests and get a high grade that my parents will be proud of me.

I'm not a person that likes to study, so I like to learn the math and just review it. I hope this year I will learn and do great in math. I will do my best.

9/7/2012 11:59:34

September 7, 2012 Math Autobiography

1} For math I will consider myself to be bad at it. I say this because for me, math and I don't get alone too well. I'm not good in math because I'm a slow learner in math . For example I can be studying math for 3 hours and the next day, I will sometimes forget what I learn or what I have to do to solve the math problem.But there are times when I will do great or there will be times I do okay in math.
2} My bad experiences I had in math, was once getting half the grade in one of the mini test I had in math class, the worst part about it was that I knew how to solve it. It was just that one time that it happen to me and I thought that I would do really great on it.
3} What I hope to accomplish this year in math is to be able to get great grades and not be able to forget what I study or learn.I hope I can accomplish these two things because I am tired of not understanding any of the math problem, not knowing what to do, and not getting really great grades in math.
Ms.Deonarine I am begging your help here, to help me to accomplish my two goals.

Anastasia Krasilnikova
9/8/2012 00:21:33

I consider myself good at math. However i do not have that math "nature", I cannot solve very hard problems, I cannot think how this formula relates to that problem. But i am trying to learn and if i need help i always seek for it. I think willingness to learn is important as well as knowledge.

When i was living in my country i had the best math teacher ever. He could explain everything in math. However i was too busy to understand it. Only when I moved to NYC and met my new math teacher, it was his first year of teaching, i understood how good my old teacher was. I mean Mr. Bhau was trying to explain math problems and I am sure he knows how to solve them but none of us could understand anything. I took charge of this situation and asked my sister for help. Only thanks to her I passed all my math tests.

I hope to learn many new things and do not forget what i already learned during this school year. I hope to get good grades and experience how easy math is because i am sure if the teacher is great and the student is listening to him/her they could reach any goal. Also i hope you, Ms. Deonarine will help me to accomplish these goals.

Elena Clemente
9/8/2012 01:51:09

I don'd consider math my best subject and have always struggled with it. All the numbers confuse me and tend to get mixed up in my head so i make little computation errors that mess up my whole problem.

One of my good experiences was in 6th grade when i learned fractions. I love fractions because they are really straightforward and there isn't so many big numbers that get mixed up. that year i also learned how to use a bar chart to solve rate and ratio problems that i still use now in 9th grade.

My worst experience in math was in 7th grade when i started early geometry. Geometry is really confusing because of all the different formulas for different shapes, so sometimes i end up using a triangle formula for a square.

In this class i want to become stronger in my understanding of numbers and more disciplined and focused in class so i make less computation errors and get better grades.

Grace Barstow-Christopher
9/8/2012 01:57:15

I am ok at math, I have always struggled with the basics like multiplication tables but do really well with formulas, just as long as I can remember them. I do best in algebra I would say.
When I was in elementary school I struggled a lot with multiplication, I was always the last to finish a test and got one of the lowest grades on them. Now I am doing a lot better with them, it just took time and practice. With the right amount of study and some time I am able to grasp any math subject. Although if I am pushed too far too quickly I get overwhelmed and give up.
I want learn how to study more effectively this year in math, I think then I would be able to learn more and learn faster. I also hope that this would help me retain the information for a longer period of time. I would like to get an A in math class this year, preferably above a 95, but an A will do if that is not possible. I want to be able to speak up more and ask more questions. Those are my main goals, I hope that achieving these will help smooth out the wrinkles in my relationship with math.

Sincere (Noah) Davis
9/8/2012 03:19:22

I do consider myself good at math, last year i took 9th grade integrated algebra. I also have gotten 4's on all of my State Math Tests. It never been really a challenge for me all i have to do is pay attention and its really easy.

One of my bad experiences was failing regents. I do think I could have done better because i failed by 2 points which is really disappointing. One of my good experiences was being but in an advance math class in 7th grade.

This year what i want to accomplish is to score highest on tests and do my absolute best on home and classwork.I'd admit i do get lazy once i get comfortable in the school but i'll try to work on that because i want to get into a good college.

Jia Min Liu
9/8/2012 03:42:29

Math is one of my favorite subjects and so is art, they both are equal to me. So I don't favor which one is my "top subject". I never have struggles with art, but just a teeny-tiny bit of the time, I make mistakes on difficult math problems that I don't understand. I find myself mostly good at math, but not like really good at it. I am not one of those math genius, but I am willing to learn from my mistakes so next time I'll get a one and two zeroes.
I consider myself good at math, because I have all 90's and above in middle school, but I don't remember about elementary school. Since the grading is different, but it is good as well. I am mostly confident with math than other subjects, besides art, since I am good at it.
My good experiment with math is that I exceed math topics I am good at. Such as equations, expressions, graphing, absolute value, and etc. My bad experiment is when I make small or silly mistakes. However, I end up fixing them up myself sometimes, when I recheck my work.
I hope to accomplish this year in math class a one and two zeroes (repeated again, I know). That is because, it is like a wanted item that I need to have. The thing is that I know it is going to be tough, because there can be a point in my life that I will make a mistake. Which can effect my grade, so I'll be more than ready to get a good grade.

Raisa Talal
9/8/2012 04:09:42

Hi Mrs. Deonarine, I here write before you in this assignment about my mathematics backgrounds. I will talk/inform you, regarding how I consider myself to be good or bad at math, what has been my good and bad experiences with math, and mostly what i hope to accomplish this year in my math class.
To be honest i used to hate math, but i thought to myself "i don't have to hate math entirely because there are different areas in math that I can actually enjoy!" some areas in math I like are; variables,area,percent,square roots,exponents,integers,decimals, formulas and pythagorean theorem.
I consider myself to neutrally be good and bad at math. It sometimes depends on how I really motivate myself to understand the subject/topic, or sometimes how the teacher is teaching the subject/topic. When it comes to math I am mostly a visual learner, it is a must that I should be taught in this learning style, especially in math! I learn better this way :). Now if it was just by talking and listening I wouldn't understand the topic as much.
Here are my bad and good experience of math. My bad experience of math is when I can't solve a problem and usually I just would give up on the problem instead of asking for continuous help. Or sometimes I would get a little frustrated. Also I try thinking about the problem deeply but sometimes I just won't get it!
My good experience of math is when I understand the topic that the teacher is teaching me in math. I would feel gratitude and feel intelligent/confident in what Im doing in the subject.
What I hope to accomplish this year in my math class is to gain a 90 or higher grade-percent in math than any other subject. I would be so content and proud of myself because this was the subject that I struggled with the most,and knowing that I Aced it is a great accomplishment ! :)

Kayla Malcolm
9/8/2012 04:29:25

In this essay, I will be talking about my feelings and thoughts about math. I will discuss why I consider myself to be good at math, my ups and downs with math, and what I hope to accomplish my 9th grade year in math.
I consider myself to be good when it comes to math because for the most part, I’ve always gotten good grades in math. For me, math lessons came easily. I passed my tests easily with 90’s without even studying. Also, I took initiative to help my classmates with their work when I finished mine early, and I even tutored some of the younger students at my school during my lunch breaks.
My bad experience with math was pretty much my entire 8th grade year. I was placed in advanced math because of the fact that I scored a level 4 on my 7th grade state tests. Suddenly, the lessons were no longer coming easily for me and I began failing all my quizzes and tests. This was my first time ever failing math, let alone failing any of my classes. I went from an A student, to a D and F student. No matter how long I studied or how hard I tried, I still wasn’t making the grade and just barely passed. Even though I’ve had some bad experiences with math, I’ve also had good experiences with math. My 7th grade year, I was the only student out of everyone in my school to score a level 4 on the state math test.
Lastly, this year in math class, I strive to become a top student again. I will settle for nothing less than a 90% on every assignment, and will try out new efficient study habits. I will be more studious, and will pay more attention to the lessons. These isn’t just talk, these are promises that I am making to myself, and promises I am going to keep.

Layla Diaz
9/8/2012 05:26:06

Layla Diaz
Sep. 8th 2012
Math H.W Essay.

In this paper I will explain why I think I am bad at math, I will also explain my good and bad experiences with math. Then I will discuss what I wish to accomplish this year as a math student.
I think I am bad at math. I think this because of my grades in previous math classes. My math grades have never been my highest or the best. I have always struggled with remembering different formulas and the steps in which you go about solving a problem. Sometimes in math class I will begin to understand something and then the class will switch to learning something different or a different strategy and I find myself to be lost yet again.
I remember in 7th grade we would be called on even if our hands weren’t raised. I do not like speaking to the class or even a group. Being called on would make me shy and doubt myself. This made me want to give up, especially when I got the answer wrong. That is one of my bad math experiences. I guess a good math experience would be when I understand the math enough to be given a bunch of different math problems. For example when I would get a quiz and it was set up with multiplication and division scattered all over the page and I was able to follow through without getting confused. Being able to remember different formulas and having tricks in my head to help me remember how to solve the problems would be a great help. Especially for algebra. Algebra is something I struggle with.
In math I have always found myself lost. I don’t want to be lost anymore. I want to be less shy and more confident. I want to be able to do my work and understand it the next day. I want to hand my work in on time. I think what would help me is if I was helped by Mr. Sing or Mrs. Casteen. They could both help me with the organization of my notebook. All of these things may seems like they should already be perfected but for me they aren’t. I have handed in late work which is not acceptable and I have handed in work that I have understood for only that day and then forgotten. This year is not about a number grade for me. It is about understanding the work and feeling confident.

Mandy Lau
9/8/2012 07:11:07

Math is by far my favorite subject but it's not my strongest. I consider myself to struggle sometimes but I will pull through or work through. Even though my answers aren't right sometimes at least I gave it a try. I'm hoping I will try harder to get my grades up this year it's very important to me. Especially this year.

One of my bad experiences in math was when one time I tried really hard on this project and I got a AS in my school that means Approaching Standards and that was a bad thing. It was basically a 2. But thank god that was a draft project my teacher was checking on. This leads to my good experience in math was when after I got that bad result I seek for help and it payed off. I got an ES in my math

project. It means Exceed Standards, also known as a 4. It payed off.
This year I hope to accomplish to get at least 85 and above in math test or scores. Any scores in math. I also want to work on participating in class more cause I know I'm shy but I'm willing to try more this year.

Matthew Chun
9/8/2012 07:21:34

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being bad and 10 being great, I'd rate myself an 9 at math. I feel that math has been one of my strongest subjects throughout my life. I've had over 90 for my math averages. There are a few things I need to work on however.

My strengths in math are doing quick calculations and learning new formulas pretty quickly. In elementary school, my parents tried to get me to memorize the multiplication table, which at first I hated, but now I praise my parents for. Sometimes, I even enjoyed answering quick math problems (such as 9x7) in school because I knew the answers right away. When teachers teach a new formula to me, I usually get it pretty fast unless I'm not paying attention at the moment in class.

My weaknesses in math are Geometry, word problems, and sometimes, I get mental blocks that occasionally keep me from doing really easy problems even though I know how to do them. I think part of the reason I'm not good at word problems is because my old schools didn't really emphasize on them.

This year in math, I hope to learn new formulas that will help me do problems easier and apply my math skills in places other than school. I’m looking forward to an exciting and successful math class.

Angella Romero
9/8/2012 08:50:42

Math is a subject that many people either excel or struggle on. People either are good at it or bad at it. They have their good experiences in math. While, at the same time there are bad experiences in math. Due to these good or bad experiences you want to accomplish something for math. To accomplish something you are bad at or just to improve even more at math.
I consider myself good at math. I think I'm good at math because I usually always get grades of high 80's and sometimes 90's. Math isn't a subject I have ever really had a big struggle in. I usually always enjoy math and find it fun. I rarely have trouble with math so it makes as one of my favorite subjects.
I've had an amazing math teacher last year in the eighth grade that could get me to understand anything. It wasn't a problem for me to understand a topic. He taught really well and I had a blast learning math with him. My bad experience with math was in the sixth grade because my teacher wasn't good. All the concepts that we were supposed to fully understand and learn, we never got the chance. So, I barely remember anything that was taught in the sixth grade; meaning I take a bit of time doing some work requiring to remember sixth grade work.
What I hope to accomplish this year in math class, is to fully understand every topic that we are being taught. This way, I will not struggle later on as math gets harder because I didn't understand a topic now. I also hope to pay attention because if I'm not taught in an interesting way, I lose my focus and end up not knowing what we have been taught. I also hope to get high grades and keep up with the high 80's.

Emily Cheung
9/8/2012 09:40:10

For my autobiography I will be talking about how I do in math. My favorite subjects out of all 4 subjects is math. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being the worst and 10 being the best. I would give myself a 8. My average and grades were over a 90.

My weakness in math is I don't remember all the converting units and when we have to convert units I always forget it. Another weakness I have is when I do not have the formula in front of me I will forget how you do it sometimes.Like sometimes when I have to find the sales tax and unit price or something like that, I will get mix up if it is dividing or multiplying or the steps of doing it. But when you have the formula, I will know how you do it.

My strength in math is algebra. Like when you have to determine what the number is or solving the algebra. My other strength is finding angles and solving equations.

This year I hope to accomplish some stuff in math. Like getting higher grades in math then the year before. Also trying to remember the formulas and not getting the formulas mix up. Try to get every single question right. Also trying to get 100s in math tests, quiz, and other work

Gabriel Esclozas
9/8/2012 10:06:14

Since my 1st grade I was passionate about math. But, when I say math, I mostly mean Algebra, because Algebra is just numbers and I like it but geometry is mostly about explaining our reasoning in sentence, learn definition and stuff. Math is simple because it’s universal so you can travel around the world and still find the same operation.

I like math because I have some facilities. Last quarter of last year, I got very good grades and I want to continue like this. Also because math can be a funny way to challenge someone.
I like Math because it’s very useful in informatics to create applications on computer.

My worst math experience is when I start a new topic, I’m always lost. Then, when it comes to Geometry, it’s like the world’s upside down because I need to work to understand the operation. My good experience in math was when I discovered that we could use a calculator in class :), it became faster and easier.

My first expectation of the year is just to understand what the teacher is saying when she talks about Geometry. Then, the second is to have good grades like everyone and to use what I learn this year next year.

Nhajee Sanoh-Monroe
9/8/2012 12:09:45

In this essay I will be talking about How I would consider myself when it comes to math, my strengths and weaknesses in math, and what I want to accomplish this year in math class.

If I were to consider myself good or bad at math I would be in the middle. If I were to consider myself good or bad at math I would be in the middle because, there might be times where I am totally confused with something. When, other times I may think its very easy. For example, its easy to evaluate and solve problems and more but, its hard when using fractions in word problems and more.

I would need help when it comes to knowing my weaknesses and strengths in math because I really don't remember things from last year. But, I do know that i am not very good at math when it comes to learning math at this school. In the sixth grade at went to a school named Ross Global Academy. I barely got taught any math and science (had the same teacher for both classes), and I had substitutes since the being of the year for history or social studies, whatever you may call it. I had substitutes for that class because the teacher got into a accident and was not able to go back and work at the school. That's part of why I came to School of the Future in the seventh grade. The school got closed down and now Girl's Prep. So, I will need help.

I hope to that I get high grades for the class and really understand the work. It would make my family and I very happy and proud. I hope to have a good experience in your class. And, I hope to have a good time. This was my essay.

Alena Berry
9/8/2012 12:17:06

Alena Berry
September 8, 2012
9th grade math

In this essay, I will talk about different aspects of math. I consider myself to be in between good and bad at this subject. The way I preform is completely dependent on the unit I’m learning. I can do exceedingly well on one part, and the next do miserably. Over the past year, I have grown a lot in math.
My worst experience would have been learning how to divide and multiply fractional expressions in eighth grade. It was pretty straight forward at the beginning, but as the expressions grew more difficult, I found myself struggling. Fractions were confusing enough on their own. I also hated whenever we did a unit on word problems, I feel like the words get me even more confused.
My best experience was learning to use the graphing calculator last year. Once I started getting the hang of it, I liked it. It was better than solving all of the linear equations and graphing them by hand.
I hope to accomplish getting better grades in math. In addition to that, I hope to be able to grasp the lessons better than I have in the past few years. If I get confused by anything I hope I will be able to ask for help.

Andrew Yutsis
9/8/2012 12:29:10

September 8, 2012

Math to me, is simply a puzzle. The only problem is remembering the rules. There is always an answer to math and to me, the best way to become a successful mathematician, is to construct and support a solid foundation with the basics.

As a student math has never been a struggle for me. It was always English that got the best of me. My good roots with math started in the fifth grade. My father had taught me algebra and had formed a solid foundation for years to come. It was only until seventh grade, that I finally began seeing algebra in school.

From the first grade to the eighth, everything you learn is built up to algebra. From adding and subtracting, multiplying and dividing, and even positives and negatives. Furthermore, when I see geometry, trig for example, I begin to become confused. I don't want to use long formulas that are impossible to remember. I want rules, that need to be followed to lead you to a result. Algebra.

Besides geometry, this year in math i would like to improve my skills all around. I'd like to become successful at math in general. With hard work and dedication, i am looking forward to seeing this all happen.

Best Regards,
Andrew Yutsis

Michelle Lisboa
9/8/2012 13:34:19

9/8/2012 My Math Autobiography

I have always had an interest in math. Math is my strongest subject and I like learning about math and solving problems. I find some topics in math easy, especially when using formulas, considering that there's one right problem. Thats the thing that makes math different from science or humanities. Other subjects have multiple differernt answers, whereas math only has one right answer which is why i like math so much. Whenever I am trying to figure out a problem I always think of myself as a detective searching for all the clues and trying to figure out the right answer. I personally think i am pretty good at math, but I do have some bad experiences involving math. I have many goals to accomplish this year in SOF, and I will push myself as hard as I can to acheive them.
I consider myself to be good at math. I believe I am good at math because I care much about my work and I check to make sure I have done my best effort whenever math is involved. I always follow directions when it comes to applying formulas and I know many math strategies. I also have a tendency to remember math strategies and important formulas which is good for math problems because they can help me get answers. Furthermore, I am very good at comprehending new things in math in a small amount of time, especially when it comes to simplifying, trig, and percentages because I really like doing those types of problems.
I usually have good experiences with math where I understand the topic I am learning about, but sometimes that might not always be the case. Sometimes I can have bad experiences with math where I find it difficult to do a type of problem and it takes me longer to finally be able to do the problem on my own. Some problems that I often get stuck on are permutations/combinations and probability. Something about those type of problems just really confuse me.For example, sometimes I'm not sure if a problem is either a permutation or a combination and probability can really screw me up because it can get very confusing. Overall, not all my experiences in math can be fabulous, but i try my best to understand it.
This year in math class I hope to learn new things in math that I hopefully enjoy and not find too challenging. I want to earn fantastic grades and be successful with my studies and hard work. My goals are to become a better mathematician and to do all my math work with the my best effort.

Brittany Rodriguez
9/9/2012 01:22:18

Brittany Rodriguez
September 9th 2012
Math Essay.

Math is one of my favorite subjects in school to study. I have had good experiences and bad experiences. In this essay I will elaborate and explain experiences that I've had that has made me a better mathematician.
I think I'm good at math. Some of my qualities in math is being able to understand things quickly. I can make connections to things I've learned in the past and I can create shortcuts to get the same exact answer but just a bit quicker. Some of my flaws in math are not being able to speak up when I need help. If I don’t understand something I feel troubled in asking for help because I don’t want to sound stupid or hold up the class in any way. I also have a very short attention span, I could be on a roll and understanding everything perfectly until one little thing catches my eye and I am gone. I also forget things after a while if we don't use it. For example, if we learn about opposites and balance in the beginning of the year and we don't have any use of it over the year by the end of the year I'm not going to remember it at all.
My worst experience in math was failing in the 8th grade. I wasn't paying attention or doing my work and I didn't think it would affect me that bad but when I saw my report card I broke down. After that day I went to my teacher and asked what my real grade was. if you have a 65 or lower it just averages out to a 65% but I wanted to know what my real grade was. I hoped it was a 64% or a 65% but it wasn’t even close. It was a 40%. I was so determined to at least pull my grade up to a 66% so I wasn't failing and that already would be approving 26 points which seemed a bit impossible to my teachers. I stood afterschool as often as the teacher was available. Within two weeks my grade bumped up to a 75%. that’s 35 points higher than my grade and 9 points higher than my expectations for a whole marking period. It was one of the most amazing achievements in my whole entire life. I will never forget the feeling of logging into my engrade and seeing such an amazing grade. From being way below failing to not even being in danger of failing.
I have really high expectations for myself this year. I feel like if I was able to pull off such a crazy change last year then I am available to do way more. I have a goal to achieve higher than a 85% and I plan to drop by your room at least once a week to make sure I'm succeeding in your class and to see if there are any suggestions for me. Another goal I have is to be on point through the whole 55 minutes of class and not have anything distracting me.

Summer Rowland
9/9/2012 01:55:04

In the past I have had good and bad experiences with math. I am okay with math but I wouldn't call myself a genius. My good experiences with math are doing fabulous on a test because from studying and doing terrible on a test because of my lack of effort to try. With a new school year and new lessons I expect myself to get 85 or above with the help from my peers and teachers.

I don't consider myself as being a bad mathematician but I do tend to not try. When I am taught a new lesson and don't fully understand it right away I sometimes get frustrated and don't try my hardest. I do ask for help sometimes but still won't understand it. This year I want to fully understand every lesson by asking the teacher for help.

My bad experience with math is with a end of the lesson test where I thought I new everything, but when I go the test I ended up knowing almost nothing because i didn't fully understand everything. My good experience with math is getting a very high grade on a math test. I got this high grade form studying hard and asking for help. Now I know the value of Studying.

With in the upcoming year I hope to accomplish all of my goals and get 85's and above. I hope that I can show you all of my skills in Math and weaknesses so I can get better. I hope that this year will challenge me and give me stronger math skills.

Ellen Sekhniashvili
9/9/2012 02:14:05

I consider myself to be fairly good at math. I understand most of the work and concepts that is put into algebra. I can comprehend easily and learn easily. I work really hard to understand the work and I believe I can easily get over a 90.

My bad experience with math was when I went into the eighth grade. I had the sweetest teacher but he used to be an engineer who worked at Exon. He was also a college professor and a very intelligent man. But everyday we would have a new lesson, by the middle of the year we were already in Algebra 3 going onto Trig. The class moved way too fast for me to have time to understand and we had a six page test almost every week on the topics that we covered. It was rough and I got lower grades.

This year, I want to work and study harder to get above a 95 average and to understand more material and concepts that math offers.

Emma Todd
9/9/2012 02:16:00

I would not consider myself to be a great math student. I have always struggled with math, the numbers always confuse me and I always make one mistake that will mess up the whole problem.

A good math experience of mine would be in 3rd grade i learned multiplication and long division. Multiplication and division come very easily to me, the concept is simple and very helpful.

My worst math experience was last year when I took Algebra 1, I was too stubborn to let my mom help me and I did not understand anything.

This year I hope to understand math and become more confident in my math skills. I hope to learn new things and not forget them and the year goes on, I also hope to make good grades this year.

Jamie Goldenberg
9/9/2012 02:22:01

In this essay I will talk about whether I think I am good or bad in math, my good and bad experiences in math, and what I hope to accomplish this year in math.

I consider myself to be between good and bad at math because it depends on what we are learning. Sometimes I will understand the concept right away and while other times I will be very confused and not understand what is going on and why I am solving it the way it has to be solved.

A good experience that I have had was last year when I did not really understand how to apply quadratic equations to real life situations and then I finally understood how to and my grade started to get higher. A bad experience I have had with math is that last year I got a lot of 85's and I hope to get higher this year.

This year in math class I hope to accomplish getting 90's, doing very well on tests, study more so that when a test comes I know I fully understand what is going on. Also if I am confused I will get help so that my grade does not go down and I understand what is going on.

Nora Carden
9/9/2012 02:47:10

In this essay, I'll talk about my experiences with math, good and bad, how I consider myself in math, and my goals for math throughout my years of being in school.

I think I would consider myself to be pretty good at math, math has always been my favorite subject since 6th grade and I think it's easy to understand. It's not like other subjects where you have to memorize facts and dates you just learn how to do it.

When I was in 5th grade I had a really bad math teacher. He joked around too much and then gave us really hard tests and quizzes. The next year in 6th grade I loved math and my math teacher. Every year since then math has been my favorite subject. In 7th grade I took pre-algebra and since I moved to public schools the year after I took pre-algebra again. I didn't mind because I liked it and it seemed like it was some different stuff.

I hope to get good grades this year. I also want to know to always speak up and ask questions when I'm lost because you can get really lost and fall behind if you don't ask for help when you need it.

Nilou Mahboubian
9/9/2012 02:47:18

In this essay, I will write about whether I consider myself to be good or bad at math, some good and bad math experiences, and what I hope to accomplish this year in math class.

I consider myself to be good at math, for the most part. Math has always come pretty easily to me, especially algebra. I usually understand new strategies as soon as they taught to me and I'm able to apply them to other problems. Because i find math easier than some of my other subjects, I always end up doing my math homework first, which is a good thing for math, but not always for other subjects because then I get distracted and don't always finish the homework for those classes. Although I like algebra, I have never been great at Geometry. I feel like there are too many formulas to remember and it just gets confusing to me. Even though I find geometry difficult; I am confident that I will be able to get through it.

One bad math experience that I have had was at the end of last year. I was struggling with keeping my grades up in humanities and putting all my effort into that class and my math got pushed to the side. I started slacking off in math, which ended up bringing my grade in math down too.

A good math experience for me is that whenever I work hard on a math project, homework, test, etc., I get a grade that really reflects all of the hard work that I put into it.

This year in math, I hope to be able to get all As. This will bring me back up the top student that I used to be and motivate me to do well in all of my other classes as well.

Nikki Lee Wade
9/9/2012 03:04:55

Nikki Lee Wade - My Math Autobiography

I have never considered math as my strongest subject in school. It was never the class I got the highest grades in. To me, it was one of those classes that was just a part of school and my education, where I just had to push through it, weather I liked it or not.

I never really had a strong liking in math and not ever did I look forward to math class or the homework. When I was younger, I did take tutoring classes for math, just to improve my math skills and I can say that it helped. My feelings about math change a lot during the coure of a school year. There are times where I've felt really confident in the work that was doing and other times where I just got lost in the work.

Overall, I think that I am okay in math. I do have a strong foundation of the basics from my tutoring, but that doesnt help me 100% of the time. I consider myself to be good at math only if I understand what needs to be done. I like to see math as just multiple steps that happen in order, and not when there is uncertainty about the answer. I guess I feel more confident where there is only one possible answer to a problem instead of multiple answers or choices. If I know the exact steps in an equation to solve for the answer, I can easily get the work done without breaking a sweat.

I only struggle when I dont know the way to solve a problem in those definite steps. Ive learned that I always need like sort of a support system or directions that I can always fall back on when I need help. I also struggle when I cant understand what an equation means or what specific parts of an equation represent. This is when I can get confused from the start, and just make my way through the problem, completely unsure of what Im doing.

In the past, I have aced quizzes with extra points and I have also nearly failed them. I know that my mind wanders in the most important times of class and that I often need like reminders to snap myself back into reality. I also know from experience that if I sit in the back of the classroom with my friends that I will mostly get distracted and end up talking with them; but when I sit in the front with the kids that are always on taks, I become on task as well and I do so much better not in just math class but in all of my classes. All i need to excell in math is a clear understanding of the content we are learning about, along with knowing how to solve any problem given, and a focused mindset that doesnt get distracted. That way, I can feel more confident in my work and less unsure about myself.

This year in 9th grade math, I want my grades not only to be in the 90's, but to stay there consistantly. Last year, My grades in math were like riding on a rollercoaster. I went from a low 70 in one semester and literally shot up to the 90's the next semester. It was pretty crazy but this year, I want to keep my grades consistantly high. I also want to improve on my attention span and my focus and learn to not get distracted so easily. I want to say that I am good at math and that I have the work and grades to back myself up. I want to have a great year in math class, as well as all of my other classes as well.

9/9/2012 03:06:59

In this essay I will be talking about my experiences in math good and bad and what I expect from myself this year.

I consider myself pretty good at math since third grade. I would always answer questions as soon as they where asked. I always looked forward to math class all throughout elementary and middle school.

My good experiences were all throughout elementary school were I got most of my good grades and in middle school in 6th and 7th grade were I got 85 and higher but when I hit eighth grade that when I started to only get 80's to 90's in math which really shocked me and got me thinking maybe I should study more because I really didn't study a lot for math since I thought I was so good at it.

This coming school year I plan to make sure I study by myself or with friends because I know how hard algebra is and I can't afford to get bad grades. I want to have at least three of my report cards to show A's for my math grade and that is what I expect from myself this year in math.

Isobel Connelly
9/9/2012 03:10:18

My Math Autobiography

Math has always been I tough subject for me, no lie, and I haven’t exactly liked math. But this year I hope to turn things around, to be better, to accomplish more than I have in past years. As the preceding paragraphs will tell you what I have done well with in math, what I have struggled with, and in more detail what I would like to have done by the end of the year.

I have always struggled with math; it’s never been my strong suit, which has been difficult. Though I try to make it easier by taking lots of notes and paying attention in class so when it comes down time to do home work or a test, I’m not left staring at the page in confusion.

My experience with math is that I struggle to remember steps to breaking down equations, becoming imitated by long or many numbers, and that when I try to use the knowledge I’ve learned in real life I get confused and frustrated. Though putting all that aside I really do enjoy, more visual math, such as geometry and graphing. I really like graphing become to me it makes sense, it logical, and it not just numbers on a page. Its something I can grasp. With geometry, yet again its visual, and I like working with shapes rather than numbers in an equation0.

This year I would really like to become better at math in all ways, to get and retain a higher grade. But more specifically, to get better at breaking down equations, word problems, and not being so intimated by large numbers and being able to actually do the problem that scares me. If I could accomplish all of theses things this year, I think ill have had a very effective year.

Aleena Tim
9/9/2012 04:39:32

I had always like math more than the other subjects because there is only one solution you need to solve in order to get the answer. I do consider myself to be good/average at math since there are formulas to solving one answer. Although, I'm not 100% good at math but I do have my strengths and weaknesses on this subject but I will accomplish my goals this year in School of the Future.

I had always have my good experiences and bad experiences in math. The good experiences I had in math was that sometimes I forget the formulas to solving a problem or I have teachers that doesn't explain very well. I am a visual learner and it seems to help explain things more. My good experiences in math is when I receive high grades/scores in math.

I had always scored high 3s, and 4s on the city wide math tests but it seemed to drop in 7th, and 8th grade and i realized why my grades and test scores dropped. I didn't get a good explanation on how to solve certain math units because sometimes I forget or get confused and start guessing on math quizzes or tests and the teachers I had over the past years speeds through the units to quickly and doesn't give us a better understanding on it but I also wasn't studying or paying attention enough.

This year in math, I hope to accomplish my goals and they are: Scoring high 80s or 90s, stop guessing on problems, solve math problems faster, get a better understanding on certain math units so I won't have to forget, doing all my homework and handing it all in time, and pass tests, and quizzes.

9/9/2012 04:44:47

in this essay i will explain my math life.
i think i am fairly competent with the math we will be learning. i am good with equations and i am pretty confident that i will do well.
i always struggled with multiplication, but by now i have a fair grasp. i was always pretty good at algebra, but i struggle with conversions from fraction to percent to decimal and vise-versa.
my goal is to try my best to do my work well and to pass math.

Oliver Martin
9/9/2012 04:55:42

In this response I will talk about how I consider myself as a student in math, the bad and good, and what I hope to accomplish this year in math.

I overall don't consider myself to be bad at math but I'm not really good because I have a problem of learning concepts quickly and sticking it in my mind. When a concept is taught to me it takes me a couple days to actually get it and then I'm fine if I study it.

The last couple of years I have had ups and downs with math, some years I meet the standards fine and other years I struggle a little. This is sometimes because of the units, for example I'm bad at combining equations but fine with problems that include graphs or tables. Also I have had bad experiences were I didn't study as much as I should and didn't get a very good grade on a quiz or classwork.

This year in math I want to accomplish studying my topics more so I can do better at understanding concepts and getting better grades on quiz's which overall will improve my grade in math.

Justin Holch (9th grade)
9/9/2012 05:00:21

My Math Autobiography

When I was younger and my dad would take me places he always gave me math problems to do in my head. I would enjoy doing this most of the time. Math has been mostly good for me except when it comes to the big time.

As a student I have never really had any problems with math during class but when it comes to tests my grade can go from a 90 to a 75 in a blink of an hour. It does not matter what subject of math, if it is a test or a quiz it always seems to hurt me. But otherwise I consider myself to be pretty good at math.

People go through struggles all throughout the school year and in math it’s always that one subject or two that can bring my grade down from a 93 to an 88. For example this year it was area and circumference of a circle. I was doing great until that one subject and then it kind of dropped me to where I finished the year. My good experiences with math are with fractions and equations. I always seem to do better with those topics.

Since I am starting high school now I have to set new goals for myself and that will be with everything we study. I want to be able to get it into my brain so by the time next year comes; I remember it and I do not have to learn it all over again.

Luis Zapata
9/9/2012 11:33:59

My Math Autobiography

For this paper I will be writing about my experiences with math. I will talk about my feelings about math, my good and bad math years, and what I expect from myself this year.

Math has always been a struggle for me because i don't really like math. I understand some subjects such as angles and many other but when it comes to algebra I struggle and don't understand anything and i will just go blank.

Some bad experiences are in the eighth grade where I was so desperate to pass a test and was caught cheating , It was the worst time in my life . My teachers didn't call my parents and just gave me warning.I was so surprised that they gave me a chance, from that point i tried my best to pass al my tests but i never got passed a 90 in all my math tests grades.

What i expect in this year is to pass all my tests and try my best to get over a ninety. I have confidence in my self that i will do good this year. i don't believe that i am a great math student because of my past years in school.I will try to do my best in this year and start strong and also end strong

Anderson Alleyne
9/9/2012 05:49:57

In this essay I will tell you about my experiences in math. I will tell you my thoughts about this subject and what I hope to accomplish this year.
I consider my self to be adaquete at math. It is not my strongest subject but it is not a subject I hate. Sometimes I excel in certain topics in math but some topics i'm not. For example fractions and graphing are two topics in math I am not good at. But topics such as the pythagorean theorem I am very good at. It depends which topic it is in math. I've mostly gotten 85's and 90's in math on my report card.
My good experiences in math is getting high 80's and 90's on test and quizzes.Also getting 90's in math on my report card. My bad experiences in math is getting low grades on my test and inquizzes. In the ast marking period in the 6th grade I gotten my lowest grade in any subject. I have gotten a 65 in math. Sometimes in math class I get failing grades on test. But I try my hardest.
I hope to accomplish in math class this year to get 90's on test and quizzes. Also on my report card. Another thing hope to learn more about algebra and prepare my self for college and beyond.

Yue Jiao Jiang
9/9/2012 06:25:26

In this essay, I will talk about if i consider myself to be good or bad in math, my good and bad experiences with math and what i expect this year in my math class.

Based on my grades in math, I think I am good at math because I had always understood what my previous teachers had taught me. I enjoyed taking notes, so I think that had showed in my tests and more importantly, my grades.

My good experience with math is that, i seemed to have a good understanding to what i was being taught. Also, I have never really been absent much, so I had gotten the important lessons that were taught to me. The problems I have with math is that I have a very hard time trying to remember what I have learned. Even if I took notes, i would not have remembered much unless i looked back at all the notes i have took.

This year in my math class, I expect to continue with my good math grades and hopefully get higher ones. I also would try to take more useful notes, so i would not forget to what I am being taught.

elyjah mateo
9/9/2012 06:30:30

For this paper I will be writing about my experiences with math. I will talk about my feelings about math, my good and bad math years, and what I expect from myself this year.

I have always liked math and I have always been good at math. Math was my favorite subject ever since i started school every test i would have got a 85 or higher and during class i was always helping somebody in class and that felt good.

as a student i never struggle in math i always was on the good side of math every test i had was a 85 and higher the only thing that was bad is when i learn something and in like the next few weeks i will forget.

so this year i am looking forward to getting 86 and above in class work test and every thing else.

9/9/2012 06:52:19

In the beggining I was always good at math and hated reading this was in first and second grade i was getting grades above 90 and 95 on my test.

Towards sixth grade it was the opposite I loved to read and was doing very good in my humanities i was still doing great in math but towards 7 grade i was getting grades like 85 which was really disapointing.

By time 8th grade my scores were dipping to 75 and i wasnt really doing well when my scores got this bad I was then taken out one of my honors class to take the pre algbre i was very upset with myself.

This year my goal in math is to do good work in math and keep it up but not only that my other goal is also not to have a repeat of the last 2 years.

Khalid Jn-Baptiste
9/9/2012 06:52:20

In this essay I will explain my strengths and weaknesses in math. What my main goals for me in math is.

I consider my self as a good, not an excellent math student. The reason I say that is, because I have no problem with classwork, homework or projects. I have a good memory of learning equations and formulas in one day, so Im kinda of a fast learner. Im also pretty good with showing and explaining my work.

My weakness in math is studying and quizes, because I'm not a kid that likes to sit down for hours and study. Also that kinda effects me, because when it's time to take a quiz I kinda of panic and forget somethings. Close to the ending of the school year I just thought of quiz as in class homework and i started to get 80%+ on my quizes.

My goals this year as a math student is to study more often. Get at least 85%+ as my quiz grade and regular grade.

Jewel Harrison
9/9/2012 07:46:12

Math and I are like frenemies, we like each other depending on the topic and how it's being taught, we've fought a lot, more than get along. In my opinion I would't say I'm bad at math, just math and I aren't always on the same terms. I feel math and I would be able to first tolerate each other since I know this year I have a great motivator, Ms. Deonarine. She loves her job, and math itself, so I know that I will be encouraged to start to like the topic. Then by liking the topic once it's being taught the best way it can by breaking it down. Then loving when I start to understand and learn the topic.
I'll first start with bad experiences because in my opinion, I've had more bad experiences than good. Last year was the first time I have ever failed a subject, the subject of course being math. I feel last year I didn't motivate myself as much, or really cared to be quite honest. I had the mindset that I would be good with everything else, since I'm and A and B average, I thought math would follow suit...well it didn't. Once I failed the second semester I actually decided this was time to take it more seriously and to push myself the best way I could, but my math teacher at the time didn't exactly do the same. She was more of a, you need to get on board, or we'll leave you behind. By third semester I really picked up the pace, I had a C average, it wasn't the best grade but better than failing, closer to a B but never made it that far.
Good experiences, I wouldn't say I have many. Doing well on tests and quizzes are hard to come by. I can learn the assignment but when time comes for the test, I forget just about everything. Projects may go well sometimes, otherwise no I wouldn't say I have to many that I remember.
I know for sure I won't be able to give up if I try, I have a great motivator this year. What I love about the system, if the student isn't understanding the topic like the rest of class, she may move on with the class, but makes sure the student learns the topic before moving on as well. Even with a project if the student isn't ready, will give another assignment for the student to build up just as well as the class. I know that I will not fail, pray that I won't because I know fore sure Ms. Deonarine won't let me. I'm very excited. And when I need help I promise to seek for it, because I don't want to be failing math or any other class. I hope my bad math experiences can create new ones this year.

Abigail Austin
9/9/2012 07:54:31

In this piece of writing that is to be discovered by the math teacher, I will be being explaining the things that I am good at and that I'm just plain terrible at when it comes to math.
I honestly believe that math is one of strongest subjects. If you do not believe me then I think you should count the amount of paragraphs I have in here. I was a part of Math Club back in my middle school and, sure though everyone was smarter than me, I still got many questions right on the work page.
Good and bad experiences....let's see...well, I am rather good at things that involve percents and geometry and finding the value of X. Oh gosh, I hate them so. Fractions have never come as easily to me as the use of semicolons, but I can understand a little of it...very little.
Because I'm awesome, I plan on getting over a ninety-five--correction: will get over a ninety-five. Why go for the ninety or eighty-five+ when you can try and get up to one-hundred?
Anywhoodles; because I like being cool and since this is most definitely on the internet, I hope you've read this and enjoying it's casualness and humorousness.

Sahib Uddin
9/9/2012 08:00:51

Mathematics is a critical learning subject which all students should learn how to do. It is the one of the founders of science and engineering any possible man-made object. I have always excelled in math, being it my favorite subject, but I have had my bad experiences also. I have been an excellent math student in all of my grades and semesters. I’ve also been challenged sometimes in math with some procedures I haven’t gone over in some time and other procedures I’ve never learned. Even though I’ve been a good math student, I’ve had my shares of bad experiences in math.

I have been a student who is looked up to in my previous math classes and have always had my math teachers smiling down on me. I find it easy to learn most math procedures. I have always learned them within the first or second day I have been introduced to the math procedure. I’ve always been complimented with my math skills from my teachers and other students. I have sometimes been called on for tutoring for extra credit, or even for the sake of just adding the student with their problem. Math is my strongest subject and I always can show for it.

I didn’t succeed with everything I did in math, because I had problems with remembering them, but I had a problem endeavoring to memorize P.E.M.D.A.S. After the summer, I have problems trying to remember things when I come back to school after the summer. But, I remember them after a brief moment of going through problems like them. I have had problems with only this one procedure called P.E.M.D.A.S. It stands for parentheses, exponent, multiplication or division and addition or subtraction. I couldn’t understand that you had to do multiplication with only one pair of the problem and all of them in the equation, but never do it to the result of a pair in the same step, you have to move on to the second sequence. I didn’t know that you had to work from left to right and that the number left of the parentheses, you had to multiply into the parentheses. I finally understood, after a week, with my teachers help. Not every procedure in math will come easy to any student, no matter how much of a genius they were, or if they were a teacher of the subject right now.

I have had both bad and good experiences with math. I have been a good student in math because I can remember and do procedures, within the day. But, I have trouble remembering them after a long time, and have had trouble with P.E.M.D.A.S. There will always be a problem for a student in math no matter who they are. Math is just as complicated as it is important.

Brandon Jared Melendez
9/9/2012 08:08:49

For this paper I will be writing about my experiences with math. I will talk about my feelings about math, my good and bad math years, and what I expect from myself this year.

Throughout my years of living, math been the easist and my most favorite subject to learn. i find myself to be a good math student, on the account that i am able to grasp the concept of any math related thing fairly easy, but lack the attention-spann to do it most of the time.

My weakness in math would have to be not checking my work and surpises quizes on a new math subject thing. I say this because just rush through my work and then relex, not worrying bout it and because i make misses on new things i hadnt seen before.

my goal for this year would be to get more than a 95% because i like doing good.

Jeremy Gurvitz
9/9/2012 08:17:40

In this small essay I will be going over why I wold consider myself good at math, my good and bad experiences with math and what I will try to accomplish this year in math. Over all this is a math autobiography.

I do say I am good at math because I don't use shortcuts until I fully understand a concept. Also I enjoy being challenged in math it is fun to me. last would be because I can apply math to my every day life and make use of it. I probably get a love of math from my mom because she was always good a it and helped me learn when I was young but not so much now.

My strength in math would have to be in riddles and applying math to my life to better understand a concept because making connections is easy for me and has always helped me learn. My weakness in math is I can be slow to understand how to do something but once I understand it I will never have another problem with it ever.

this year I hope to learn more about math and simply get smarter. also stay in the high 80% or above for my grades.

Jamice Thompson
9/9/2012 08:33:41

In this Essay I will be talking about my math experience. I will explain my pros and cons i have with this subject.

During elementary school math was my favorite subject. I was a straight A student, I knew how to work out problems easier and I knew when i needed help or not. I was so good at understanding math because I never left the class not understanding what we were doing, I would look towards my piers for help during group work and I would look towards my teacher before we would start independent work (only for things I didn't understand).

In middle school I had ups and downs in math. I don't know why but I had a hard time trying to understand the units that we were going through, I wouldn't ask for help as often because I would think I would understand something when I wasn't 100% sure I knew it. I had a hard time double checking my work which sometimes lead to mistakes that I could have asked help with. I had started picking up a habit of laziness in my work and I started to slack up. Towards the end of middle school I started to ask for help with things I didn't understand and I look towards my friends for help.

I believed that taking the easy way out isn't always the best solution, because when you rush through things it is sometimes hard to look back and fully understand what had happened. This year I will start to check my work and ask for help when needed.

This year I am looking forward to being more on task and focused. I know understand how important it is to not be distracted because you can obtain more information to move everything aside for math. This year I will look back through my work and study more to fully take back everything and understand things to help me in the future. Also, I am not going to be lazy and get all of my work done, not half way or partially.

Andrea Garcia
9/9/2012 08:34:33

In this essay, I will be describing myself as a math student, my good and bad experiences with math, and what I hope to accomplish this year regarding math.

I consider myself to be "okay" at math. I say this because math was never my favorite subject; but I can understand some of it. I have a hard time focusing and asking for help, so sometimes I can't learn what I have to do quickly. I find it easier to be explained through visual examples and simple wording. Also, taking many in-depth notes and reading them later helps me understand and remember math work.

I have had many good and bad experiences in math. My worst experience was during my eighth grade math state test. I had always, no matter how much I struggled, finished all of my subjects during the state tests. During the eight grade however, time ran out before I was able to complete my math section. This made me feel horrible as a math student. However, I have had some good experiences. One of them was when I got back a test on fractions and percents. I had received a 98% and turned out to be one of the few students who had received a good grade for that test. I was ecstatic, especially when I showed my mother.

I know how great it feels to get a good grade in math, but in the past school year, I was very disillusioned with my math grade. This year I hope to and WILL improve my math grade. My goal is to get an above 87% average. I will do my best to achieve this goal, and I hope we can all get along and work well together this year.

Dave Sanchez
9/9/2012 09:00:17

In this paper i will be talking about my strengths and weakness's in math and my opinion of math.

I've always liked math as a subject but to be honest with you I'm awful at it. My love came to math when I was about in fifth grade or so. What fasinated me was just how fifth grade math worked but i was terrible at it.

When i'm in math class I try my hardest to succeed and get the problem right. If I dont get it right i try again till i get the right answer. Most people i know think math is boring... well sure math can get boring but its part of our education.

In conclusion i want to try to achieve at least higher than an 83. I will be very ahppy if ido

Alissandrea Rosado
9/9/2012 09:53:07

September 2012
Math Autobiography

In this paper I will be writing about both my good and bad experiences with math. I will talk about how I feel about math and what I expect from myself this year.

Math I feel has always been one of my best subjects. I feel like with math I catch on pretty quickly but there are times where I needed the teacher to go over the lesson again. I think my math skills have also approved a lot in middle school.

I have had both good and bad experiences in math. In seventh grade I had a little trouble in math. I couldn't understand some of the material I was being taught and although I never failed, it wasn't the best experience. Another bad experience with math is when I began working with negative numbers. It took me a while to remember the rules of adding/subtracting negative numbers.

A good experience I had with math was when I was in eighth grade. Math became my favorite subject and my teacher taught us easy ways to figure certain problems which helped when it was time for the regents. I also had a high average of 98.

What I now expect from myself is continue to improve my knowledge in math and keep my average up.

Lisa Riegert
9/9/2012 10:08:13

In this essay I will talk about my experiences in math, if I consider myself good or bad at math and what i would like to accomplish this year in math class.

I would consider myself ok in math because I usually got average grades and if i ever found any of the math that we were learning confusing I would ask my friends to help me or go after school like in previous years. I've always liked doing my math homework because it was like extra practice for a test or quiz so i would never complain when receiving homework.

Some of my good experiences in math would have to be after every lesson fully understanding what we were learning and getting a good score on my math test, a bad experience I've had would be, not understanding what we were learning and not really trying because it was frustrating not getting the math problems right.

What i would like to accomplish this year would be getting really good grades and learning new things and fully understanding them. Also to get all my homework done and getting a good score on my quizzes and tests.

Patryk Borkowski
9/9/2012 10:14:56

In this paper, I will talk about whether I consider myself to be good or bad at math, what bad and good experiences I had with math, and what I hope to accomplish this year in math.

I was always good at math, and sometimes I even got good grades without trying. I consider myself to be good at math for many reasons, such as one being that I understand a concept very fast when I'm in school. The only downside I have in math is that I forget really quickly, such as after summer I can't remember much of what I have learned the past year.

I have had a few good experiences in math, but also some bad. One of my good experiences was when I didn't study before a test, yet I still got 90's-100's. One bad experience is how every year after summer, I forget most of the things I have been taught, as I mentioned in the last paragraph.

Consequently, I hope to study a lot this year, and get higher than a 95 in each class, so I can improve from last year. Last year I didn't have a 90 in math, because I didn't try enough, but I will make sure that will change this year.

Bryan Moy
9/9/2012 10:32:45

For this paper, I will be discussing about my good and bad math experiences, if I consider myself good at math, and my goals for math.

Throughout all my years in math class I've had ups and downs. A good experience i had was when I got a 100% on a few tests in a row. A bad experience i had in math class was when i got a low score on my test and it affected my grade.

In math, I do consider myself good at it. When I get the hang of the unit I will have no problem with it. I usually get the hang of a formula and hardly forget it. So i do consider myelf good at math.

My goals in math is to not ever get a low score. Another goal I have is to always get a 90% or above on tests, quizzes, and assignments. I also want to get better at math quickly and learn formulas to solve difficult problems.

Allyson D'Antonio
9/9/2012 10:39:59

To be honest, I’ve had my issues with math, but I’ve always thought of myself as a good math student. I have my strengths, and I also have my weaknesses.
I’m an ok student in math, depending on the subject. When it comes to numbers, I’m good. I can understand several equations almost instantly, but then I get to geometry and anything to do with shapes, and I completely lose it. I can’t follow a thing, I’m easily confused, and when it comes time for a test, I’m so out of it, that I get a grade that tanks my average, and I think that’s because I’ve always had issues with attaching imaging to something, especially an equation full of numbers and letters. That’s not something I ever want to do again. I always want to improve, but that would be the most.
When it comes to experiences in math, I’ve had some great teachers. All my teachers at SOF were fantastic. Before that I had okay teachers, nothing marvelous, but they couldn’t devote all their time to math, so it wasn’t as good as it was now. I’ve improved a lot since elementary school to now.
Yet, I’ve had my problems too. For example, in fourth grade, I had a teacher who was very new teacher, so she didn’t really have a ton of experience, and my math skills kind of decreased of that year. Yet, the year after that I had a fantastic teacher, so I caught up to the rest of the students in the end.
To be honest, I’ve had my good and bad, but all I can hope for is that I get better and better, and get the best grades possible. That’s all I can hope for, and hopefully something I can achieve

Veronica Wright
9/9/2012 10:51:39

In this essay i will talk about if I'm good or bad at math and what have been my good and bad experiences with math and what do I want to accomplish this year in math.

I consider myself to be a good at math especially since math is one of my favorite subject. some reason that i'm good at math is that it doesn't take that long for me to understand the concept for each content i learned. but i have a hard time when it come to quizzes especially the explanation part.

My bad experiences with math is that in elementary school the teacher barely NEVER help me when i need the most help but after coming to School of the Future Chris the 7th grade math teacher help me so much that i was able to understand math more easily and started to like math as a subject as well after that.

What i want to accomplish this year is get good grades for the whole year and try not to get anger when i don't understand the question or the equation, getting into higher level math as well and getting good grades in test and quizzes.

And hope to have a great year in 9th grade :D

Zachariah Messaoud
9/9/2012 14:13:13

I must admit that math has not been my strongest subject but hopefully I could change that. I have my strengths and my weaknesses. I would say that I am somewhat good in math when I speak up when I don't understand something and take my time to understands thing taught to me.

A bad experience which I have had in math is when I have not understood something in math and not asked for help, or have just decided to not pay attention, or when I have learned things in class but then didn't do all my homework so I would forget what I had learned very soon. These mistakes would show up on tests where I was not pleased with the grades I earned. For the future I will ask for help when I don't understand something, I will pay full attention, and I will complete my homework.

A good experience which I have experienced in math is when I have motivated myself, paid attention in class, and made an effort to study hard for tests. Doing this made me get good grades on tests which resulted in good grades on my report card.

This year in math I would like to receive good grades, preferably a ninety and up. I would like to accomplish these grades on my tests, projects, homework, and as well as on my report card. I would also like to exhibit good behavior, preparedness, and good attendance.

Gabriela Kay Breton
9/9/2012 10:59:03

For me, math is alright. I accept that I need to learn it, and I understand the fact that I will use it later on in life.

although I sometimes struggle with memorizing concepts, once I get the big idea I'm pretty good at math. It's honestly a matter of how much my teacher supports me, and how much time and effort I put into my work. I am aware that i really need to focus in this subject because I know that math doesn't come naturally for me.

A bad experience would have had to have been a big math project in 7th grade. I didn't really understand what to do or how I would even go about doing it, so I pretty much relied completely on my partner. Well, my partner decided that he didn't want to stick with me on the project anymore, so he left and went solo at the last minute. I was really stressed out because i knew i could never get a decent grade, and well, long story short... i was right.

In 8th grade, I decided that i needed to turn this around. I absolutely ADORED my teacher, and because of this I around it easy to talk to her and I stayed after school to go over the work so that I could make sure that I knew what was going on in class. Then, when a big test rolled around, I got a A+! I was so proud of myself because I knew I could do it, and I felt really good to know that I accomplished something.

My goal for this year would be to have a 95 and above average in this class, because I know that it is possible for it to be done.

Tess Dreizen
9/9/2012 10:59:53

I have never thought of math as my strongest subject. Although once i grasp an understanding of a concept I consider math something I am good at. It takes me a while to fully understand concepts, but eventually it clicks and I feel confident. I do sometimes struggle because it takes longer with some subjects than it should.

Math has been a roller coaster of emotions that has brought out both the best and worst of me. When i feel completely confident in a subject I instantaneously am extremely confident in my abilities to push myself and do better. In a negative situation where I don't do as well as I hope, I feel like I have failed myself. I try hard to please teacher and myself, but when I don't do as well I should have it's upsetting to see the results.

I look forward to pushing myself in math more than i have in the past. I am willing to fully dedicate myself to learning and studying to do better and better. I want to challenge myself from what I know now. I hope that in this year I can improve my math skills and slow down, but vastly improve.

In this year, I look forward to learning new strategies and working together with my classmates to make this a productive and rewarding year. I hope to learn many new things and put in all my effort. My ultimate goal is to do the best that I can.

sheila chiu
9/9/2012 11:07:20

I consider myself good in math because usually i get 90's and higher. During middle school and elementary school i had 90 something. i know the concepts, skills, and the formula for problems. i can easily solve them. I think math is quite interesting and fun when you know the formula to solving the problem. Learning new skills is great because it can help you in life and not just math class.

Good experiences I had with math is learning the skills easily and understanding how the formula works. I am good at getting and knowing the formula quickly. After units in class, we would have a discussion on how the formula is able to work out. This way we don't just learn how to solve the problem but how everything comes together to make it work.

A bad experience i had with math is when i missed out on a fraction unit in elementary school. I was so confused and i just went blank. I wasn't sure about the differences between multiplying and adding fractions. The unit flied by fast therefore i didn't really have time to ask about it. I know the differences now but it is still hard to remember sometimes.

This year in math class i hope to learn more skills and more advanced ones too. I hope we can improve our older skills. I would also work hard to get 90's and higher.

Athena Villard
9/9/2012 11:10:37

In these few paragraphs i will talk about how i am as a math student, as well as my good and bad experiences with math.

I consider myself pretty good at math, except once in a while im not going to understand, of course, and im not going to ask the teacher, usually i'll ask a friend. But i think that now, since im in high school i am going to start asking for help when i'm confused.

My experiences with math have been pretty good, i have always gotten fair grades, but they have dropped in the past few years, either the lower nineties of the upper eighties, i used to always get 95's and up but now im aiming for at least straight A's.

My main goals in math are to know what im learning, not be afraid to ask for help, and not get easily distracted. Also getting ALL of my homework in on time for every single class.

Osvaldo Sanchez
9/9/2012 11:16:53

In this paper i will write about my experiences with math, if I’m good or bad in math, and what I expect as a math student this year.

Math is one of my favorite subjects and I would say I’m pretty good at it. The reason why I’m good at math is because I would get average grades. I enjoy learning new things in math class and always took notes on it to prepare myself for a quiz or test.

My good experience about math is that I’ve understood most of what I learned. When I'm absent, I would ask my friends if i could copy notes or give me a recap of what I missed. My bad experience with math is when I get quizzes at surprise and not reviewing my work before I hand it in.

As a math student i will study and review all my notes constantly to prepare myself for any quizzes and to refresh my mind for the next day. I’m also looking forward in getting better grades this year and trying my best to be a successful math student.

Kenneth Sookoo
9/9/2012 11:35:13

Over my years in math I have always been the best in my class till 8th grade. When every body in my class was so competitive and eager to be on top, that we speed-ed through all the lesson's. Because of this it was hard for me to catch on and i was barely keeping up but I made sure I learned every thing and at least retained a C+ in my math class, so I would say I'm okay at math.

My best experiences in math have to be when I was in 6th grade because I retained a B+ to A+ the entire year. Yeah not a B- or just a B, a B+ to A+. All through all that has to be my best math experience, but my bad experiences in math absolutely have to be in 8th grade.

In 8th grade my experiences were bad cause the teacher would always complain to me for not showing my work with my equations. Then he or she would always be asking how I did it, and when I would explain it to them they would feel stupid for accusing me of cheating. Therefor my chemistry (Teacher/Student relationship) would be ridiculous with them. (My math teachers) So it was very weird.

Some things I'm hoping to accomplish this year is to do at least 85% of my home work, improve my penmanship / spelling skill, and retain at least a B- throughout the year because it may have been hard for me last year but I'm going to try even harder this year.

Osvaldo Sanchez
9/9/2012 12:07:31

In this paper i will write about my experiences with math, if I’m good or bad in math, and what I expect as a math student this year.

Math is one of my favorite subjects and I would say I’m pretty good at it. The reason why I’m good at math is because I would get average grades. I enjoy learning new things in math class and always took notes on it to prepare myself for a quiz or test.

My good experience about math is that I’ve understood most of what I learned. When I'm absent, I would ask my friends if i could copy notes or give me a recap of what I missed. My bad experience with math is when I get quizzes at surprise and not reviewing my work before I hand it in.

As a math student i will study and review all my notes constantly to prepare myself for any quizzes and to refresh my mind for the next day. I’m also looking forward in getting better grades this year and trying my best to be a successful math student.

Dana Nonas
9/9/2012 12:17:12

In this essay, I will write about my weaknesses and strengths in math and what I would like to improve in over this year.

Math, personally, is not my favorite subject because it can be hard for me at times to understand a particular method. Once I get the method though I am on point and I get really excited about it and become more confident. If I get it right once, I will continue to try is out a couple of more times, to see if I have really got it to push myself a little further and not just pretend I know it and move on.
I don't know many "bad experiences" only the fact that some things are hard to work around, that I need to go over a couple more times to get it.

Depends on the topic of math we are learning I may be into it, or might not. My weakness in math though is not checking over my work because I make a lot of silly mistakes. I normally am the type of person not to put a lot of time into things unless I enjoy it, so I normally rush things which I need to slow down and improve on and check over my work before handing in anything.

This year I want to put more time and effort into my work and really concentrate and understand the way of getting around certain problems. And especially to speak up if I don't understand something and not let it pass me thinking I won't have to deal with it again. I want to do much better this year.

Jackie Shi
9/9/2012 12:45:10

In my past in always have been a good math solver. When it came to learning a new math method or something, I've always learned it very quickly. So i guess I'm good at math.

As a student learning math i have to say sometimes it can get very boring. Everyday you have to learn about something and its always the same lessons over and over again. Some students are slower at it so i get bored waiting for them to get it right. Also sometimes i feel like the math that we're learning is kinda easy, so i wonder if theres anything challenging this year.

This one is the easiest. i would love for me do appreciate my homework more and actually do it without rushing or doing something not very bright. If i can do that i pretty much set to past my 9th grade math class.

Kashfina Chowdhury
9/9/2012 12:47:03

To be honest I always believed that math wasn't my strongest subject,but during my middle school experience I, and my teachers noticed that I improved highly then I anticipated. I improved my state test grades, and also my school test, and quizzes. By doing this I really boosted my grade even higher. Overall, I tried everything that can improve my math.

I believe that I'm a student who can exceed, but it will take several tries. Depending on the unit, I can do well, but there were numerous times were I didn't understand a subject and never asked for help. I struggled, which effected my overall score. During 8th grade I began to take notice of my grade, and decided that i needed to change.

There were many good experience that I had. For example, when Anna took the time to help me with anything that I had trouble with, Anna also looked at everyone's problems and tried dealing them individually. A another example of my good experience, was when I finally studied and looked over all my work, by doing this it helped whenever Anna gave us Do-nows to do, because she would always separate us into two groups. Students who needed extra help and students who got the do-now correct and were ready to move on. I was part of the students who were ready to move on.

There are also many bad experiences that I had. During my elementary school year, the math teacher wouldn't spend much time explaining in depth what we were learning. The teacher was sorta of inexperienced, which made me lack many subjects that many other students have already learned. When I got to middle school, the teachers all had different ways of teaching math, when ever I struggled the teachers were willing to help. In middle school my math improved.

Overall, I agree that I my not be a honor student, but I can do anything if try my best. Even the perfect student has been through many good and bad experiences but in the end they always have a to overcome there struggles.

Anna Curran /Flatiorn
9/9/2012 12:54:49

My Math Autobiography

In this paper it will discuss my experiences that I’ve had so far when studying mathematics. Every time when I learn a new thing in math some come easy to me, and some come hard to me. So when I'm in math class, I can sometimes have good and bad experiences in math. Over all I think that math is one of my best subjects and I’m good at it.

When it comes to math I wouldn't consider my self a genius or the top student, I would say that because there are some things that I need to study more on, and that I don’t grasp the first time that it was taught to me. For example last year when we were learning how to use the graphing calculators, all of that was really confusing to me. So when studying geometry and algebra you need to be able to use a graphing calculator for that. Then when learning geometry and algebra, you probably would start learning a more advanced version in high school or college. On the other hand when we were learning angles in 8th grade I picked that up extremely easily. For example some people forgot what complementary (90 °) and supplementary (180 °) angles were, I always remembered what they meant, and for some reason I loved doing the angles homework that Anna gave us.

When I talking about math I’ve had good and bad experiences with it, for example with the topics that I grasp easily (Angles, Algebra, multiplication, etc). The next time that I get tested or quizzed on it, I get great grades on it. Or if we have projects to complete, that are related to the topics that come easily to me, I get good grades on it, also since I understand it I can be more creative with it and it won’t take me along time to finish it. For example for the 7th grade summer math homework we had to make a linear equations mini book. I got a 100% for that project and that was a good experience for me. Another good experience in math for me would be in 7th grade when we had to write our own word problems and solve them. I would always get good grades and be creative with them, also I would always connect them to soccer somehow, and that would show that I really understand the topic. One time I didn’t get my homework back, so then I asked Chris (7th grade math teacher), “hey I didn’t get my homework back,” and he said ”yeah I know… I wanted to keep it to show the next year 7th grade class what the work should look like”(something like that). After he told me that I felt happy cause it meant that my work was that good. So that was a good experience for me. Another good experience for me was one night my mom told me I got like a 3.94/4 on the math state test. I knew I got like 1 or 2 questions wrong, but I didn’t know that my score would be that good. That was a really good math experience for me. Since nobody’s perfect…like me, I also have bad experiences. For example in the 8th grade when we were learning how to divide fractions I didn’t understand it like I do angles. For example when ever Anna gave us the fractions quiz I didn’t understand it so then I would get like 4/10 right, so then that would lower my grade :(. In addition another bad memory would be in 7th grade when we would get quizzes, I always got like 83%-90% on them, so then that would lower my grade. Usually the quizzes would be about all the formulas, fractions, some word problems about fractions, etc. that would be a bad experience for me. Usually for me most of my experiences in math are good and not bad.

When learning new topics in math some are going to be hard, and some are going to be easy for me. But this year what I really want to do it find easy ways to help me study for tests, also make sure I don’t mess around in class and don’t hand in incomplete class work or homework. Moreover I really want to get better grades then I did last year, like get 95+.

9/9/2012 12:55:16

In this paper i am going to talk about my good experience i math and my bad experience in math.I am also going to talk about my goals in math this year and trying to get to does goals.

In math i consider my self to be a 5 because i dont know everything but in someways i do want to know everything in math. the reason i give my self a 5 is because when i was in middle school i did not like math and i was all ways will get like 80,75 in math. In the last 3 weeks of middle school math was great and good because we started doing algebra.That is what i consider myself to be in math not to much not to low but in the middle 5.

My good experience in math is doing what like.The alone thing that i like in math is algebra because i like the way the numbers go to get there and letters.My bad experience in math is when i cant stay focus and when i dont listen to the teacher and others that i one thing i dont want to happend this year in math.

There is 2 things that i want to accomplish this year in math.

1. I want to get my self good at math and want my 5 to go up to a 8 this year in math.

2. The second thing i want to accomplish this year in math is to stay focus, and to listen this year in math

To all my friends and teachers i hope this year is a good year i my life in 9th grade.

Karen Avila
9/9/2012 12:56:53

Math has always been one of my strongest subjects. Its proved to be both challenging and fun to solve. From adding 2+2 to solving Pythagorean theorem, I have learned to perfect my technique and method of thinking. Its always something new and interesting with math which is one of the many things I enjoy about the subject, it never gets old or boring.

At Amistad Dual Language School my math average was always above 90. I believe that if you do well in the first semester in any subject it boost’s your confidence and level of improvement over the semester, one good grade leading to the next. I think my math standards were set pretty high last year with the amount of effort in all of my projects, homework, and classwork put into achieving a good grade. Sometimes I believe that math is my favorite subject because I’m good at it and because it challenges me in a good way.

The thing I am looking forward to the most at SOF is learning new methods, ways of thinking, and units of math. During 8th grade I had the opportunity to work at a 9th grade level, solving trigonometry which was pretty amazing. I feel like it truly helped me to prepare for 9th grade material. I also wish to be a part of Honors math and help those who don't fully understand the idea. I am looking forward to math this year.

How I work as a math student depends on the work. Personally, I love to work independently. That way, I can go at my own pace and check my work for little mistakes that I commonly make. But if its a math game, fun activity, or study hall I don't mind working with my classmates. Usually, I get the hang of the majority of the math units quickly but if there is a math unit that takes more time then normal I make sure I understand it completely before moving on to the next one. Hopefully this helps you get an idea of what kind of math individual I am.

Taylor Southerland
9/9/2012 13:01:34


I've always been good at math. It's been one of my easy A subjects for years. Math isn't one of my favorite subjects, but I don't mind doing it and appreciate it when it's necessary.

I quickly grasp math concepts, and strategies. When I don't, I get extremely frustrated, and EVERYONE will know it. That is usually a rare occurance though, so hopefully we won't have any of that this year. Eventually, I do end up understanding the concept.

I'm an awesome helper when it comes to math. I make up funny anecdotes to help people remember things which usually helps. I love to help when I'm done with my work, and I love to have a math opponent -- if that makes any sense. Someone on my math level that I can debate with and see who finishes first with.

I move fairly quickly in math. I'm not afraid to ask questions or make complete certainty of whether or not I understand things. I appreciate math, and what it helps us to do. My biggest advice to those who don't feel as confident with math as I do , is to not be afraid to ask. You'll never get anywhere if you don't clarify, because math messes up on tiny mistakes.

Thank you.

Taylor S.

Janey Singh
9/9/2012 13:02:42

In this essay I will be talking about my experiences in math and how I feel about math, also what my good and bad experiences in math and what I want to accomplish this year.

I think I am good at math but I am not perfect and I do think that I can improve on many things. I do get good grades and I do understand what I am doing most of the time but sometimes I do make it harder for myself even if its not hard at all.

My good experiences in math is when we play games to learn what we are going to do and review what we learned. my bad experiences in math was when the the teacher would rush in teaching something or go way to slow because it wouldn't give me enough time to really grasp it or it would go so slow it would be boring.

This year I hope to become a better student by getting better scores on my quizzes and tests because I was not so good at that last year. I will also try to study more so that I can know what we learned about completely. I also hope to get better grades so that I can be proud of my grade.

Jasmina Mujevic
9/9/2012 13:42:34

Honestly, i would consider myself to be a good mathematician. I think math out of all my years in middle was my strongest subject. My reasons being so are because in 6th grade I was in Honors math, in 7th grade my average would always be a 90 and above and in 8th grade my average would always be a 89 or above. The reason why I would also consider myself to be a good mathematician is because to me math comes easy at times.

Although math usually isn't a struggle for me sometimes it can be for specific units. A bad experience I had in math last year was the math word problems. I would always confuse the words, and make up wrong equations. A good experience in Math was usually , I would understand what to do after i would practice it a couple times.

What i hope to accomplish this year in 9th grade math is learning how to break down math word problems and also aim for an average above a 93 .

Ming Ng
9/9/2012 14:01:37

9th Grade (Flat Iron)

I've never really disliked or liked math in my years of learning. Math could be considered a strong subject to me. I consider myself good at math. For some statistics, I Passed the New York Regents Integrated Algebra with an average grade (I can do alot better now). I am a student who rarely studies for math because it comes naturally to me; Well, most of the time.
A good math experience of mine is when I found out my score for my Regents and when I learn new things and fully understand it. I have a few bad math experiences. One being that I don't understand anything being taught to me. Another bad experience for me is when I do careless errors and get stuck on a problem that should not take me as long to do.
What I hope to achieve this year is to get good grades (95-100). Also another thing I want to complete this year is go on to the next level of math because I already took the Regents (I want to learn more instead of repeating what I already achived).

Damary Guzman
9/9/2012 14:23:43

     Overall, I would consider myself to be somewhat good in math. I do have certain topics in math where I occasionally am bad at. For example, geometry and graphing are some topics I am good at. Then there are other topics where I happen to be pretty bad at like algebra (I'm actually in between with algebra.)
     Over the years, I've had a few bad and good experiences. One bad experience I remember is when I had to take a math quiz and there was this one topic where I happened to be really bad at and I was completely stuck on, so I ended up having to make up the answer even though it was going to end up being completely wrong. One good experience I won't ever forget is when I got a good grade (94%) on a math quiz in 7th grade, mainly because it was a topic in math that I was familiar with and was good at. 
     This year, I hope to become better at math and get a way better grade than I did last year. Many times last year, I slacked off mainly with the math homework. I did pretty decent with classwork, but when it came down to homework, it never did it and my grade dropped a lot because of it. So this year I hope to change that around. 
    As well, I hope to better my math skills. In some areas, I really want to improve on and make better. My main goal this year is to make a difference in my grade. I really want to achieve at least a 85 or above. (above would most likely be better, though.) 

Sarah Mouddene
9/9/2012 22:17:53

I consider myself to be very good at math because I'm really good at problem solving and getting the answer right! My bad experience in math was in 8th grade when I got a 79 for the first time, I got a c in math. Usually I get a 85 and over. Even my mom was suprised, but the thing about math is when you get a answer to a problem right. There's this feeling of excitement and accomplishment

John Sanchez
9/9/2012 22:21:33

In this passage, I will explain my history with math, what happened for me to become worse at math, and what I plan to do to become better at it again.

Since Day 1 of school, I've always been the one to do better at math than most of my classmates. While their scores were always higher in the English NYS Exam, I always scored higher on the Math section, and with the exception of 6th grade, have gotten a 4 on it.

Everything was good for me when it came to math until around 8th grade. I was usually sleeping in class because of being tired from the day before, but still understood what was being thought. But because of sleeping, it took me longer to understand the concept than my classmates. My sleeping caught up to me when we started to learn about radicals. I would have to say that not understanding radicals was the difference of having a 82 on my Regents exam and a 90.

I plan on understanding algebra better this year, or just move up to geometry if I feel that I knew enough of it. I feel that it would be better if I learn geometry in 9th grade so I can take college courses in 12th grade. I also will do my best to not sleep in class.

Benjamin Jubela-Gordon
9/9/2012 23:41:03

In this essay i am going to be talking about my math experiences and why I consider myself ok at math.
I consider myself ok at math because my grades are always in the high eighties and I try and do my best, but I can't seem to get my grade anywhere in the nineties and i think its because i don't push myself hard enough.
Some good experiences in math that i have had are when I understand the things that are going on so well that i get extra work. Some bad experiences i have had with math are when the math work is to hard for me or i don't understand it, but everyone else does.
I hope to accomplish in math this year getting a 90 or above. I want to get this because every year in math i have always gotten 80's and now i want to get 90's

Kelvin Ayala
9/10/2012 09:08:52

In this essay I will be writing about my experiences in math. I will write about both positive and negative experiences in math. I will also write about be writing about my expectations for this year.

I have always been good at math. sure there was some hard parts but I got through it easily. Most of my math teachers always complemented me on how good I was. I have gotten good and remarkable grades in my past and have enjoyed it time after time. I'm glad to say it is one of my strong points.

Sure I'm good at math but there were those hard times. One time last year my math teacher wasn't really a teacher. She will always give lectures the whole class period because most of my classmates did not try at all. They would always copy off of someone. But then one time she asked me a question and when I answered wrong she over reacted. She felt like it was all of us and that made me extremely mad because she thought that I did not do all the class work i done for her. I kept my cool and later on during the tests I got one of the highest score then went to her and said "I know my stuff". Then came graduation and summer break.

Throughout my experiences in math I know I am good at it and I don't need a teacher to tell me I'm smart but to just know I can do my work. My expectations for this year is to have an extremely good grade and the only 80 i want to see is an 89.

Nicholas Panich
9/10/2012 10:04:00

In these following paragraphs, I will be discussing how my math experiences vary and why I consider myself good at math, and the plan I have to keep it like that. While the grades were high, I feel less and less motivated these days to keep up normally.

I consider myself good at math because my previous grades at Wagner 167 were a sight to admire, however I could question the teacher's methods and discipline to his students. I'll refer to him as "Steven", while Steven was a tremendous teacher always providing a clear explanation, he was horrible at answering questions and making things clear to students who could not understand or remember.

I luckily understood most next to all of his work, however I expect to accomplish some sort of initiative or goal to provide me with moral support and motivation for math. My maximum expectation for this class is a high 80's to 90's.

While I know the teacher is not a 'friend' or an 'enemy', I do expect them to provide answers and at the least, to motivate their students to do well always aim higher, if they can agree to these terms, it would make not only mine, but probably others experiences in math class better.

Samantha Mei (Freedom)
9/10/2012 13:28:08

In this essay, I will be discussing my experience with my good and bad experiences in math. I was never always bad at math, I normally get 90s and above. I used to be tutored to get a higher advance knowledge about math. Math was always fun for me, it always was my best subject. However, I did have my struggles in math.

I love math, it's my favorite subject. I love numbers ever since I was a kid. It just always worked great and quickly in my head. I love algebra, I love finding the variables. Algebra seemed very quick for me to learn. I learn quick when my teacher does a demonstration of a problem showing how it works. The procedure would sync in my head, and I will get it quickly. Math is still my favorite subject now.

I never really liked geometry. This is because, geometry was very hard for me. I don't like the shapes and the missing sides. Geometry wasn't that very easy for me to get, since I wasn't a big fan of shapes. It was hard to understand and, get where the number came from.

I do try and work hard in math, I still do love math. I study the formulas a lot, to memorize them.Throughout my experiences, I'm positive that I will learn geometry and do it perfectly correct with Ms. Deonarine. I will exceed standards this year and do good in class.

Aaron Riesel
9/10/2012 23:25:06

Aaron Riesel,
Math essay.

How am i as a mathematician?

As a mathematician I would consider my self okay, This summer I worked very had and put a lot of time into catching up with everything I needed too do. Although i have worked hard I have not had a test to record how am as a math student and what i need to work on.

As you may or may not know, I did receive a 1 on the state math test last year. ( Which you do know. ) As a student in your class if you could for our benefit make a little test for me to see where I stand in your class and what i really need to work on, what i don't need to work on and what is it the middle that way me and you and my tutor and work so that I am up to date on everything that I need to know so that I can do well in your class.

Over the summer me and my tutor worked on the fallowing, Proportions, fractions, Algebra, Word problems, Pie, Etc. Basically all the work that was in that huge math book anna gave to me and my family to work on over the summer. I do plan on doing well in your class. :P

Trevon Kincaid
9/10/2012 23:42:49

In thins paper I will be writing about my good experience with math and my bad experience with math and how I feel about math.

My good experience with math is that I love to do math and math has to do with money.I remember when I was in the third grade and we had a money and we learned how to give some one change back from a big bill. Someone gave the person a 10 dollar bill the other person who worked in the store had to give the person the exact amount of money.We got tested on it and i got my first 100 on a test.

My bad experience with math was in 8th grade when I did nit under stand the work and did not dod home work because I did not under stand the work. I failed and could not graduate I had to go to summer school. I could nit really have fun this whole summer.

This year in math class I hope to do all my work and under stand it, I also hope to increase my work habits.

alfredo roselli
9/11/2012 01:15:37

I consider myself pretty set with mathmetics, ill say there are a couple concepts that i dont understand however when i learn the method and procedure to complete any problem i have no difficulty in completeting that particular problem or any just like it.
the good in which ive come across in my have been the ones where ive breeezed through hundreds on the math tests and gone though easy quarters where getting a 95 percintile to almost no effort. the bad expirences ive faced in math were when i didnt have time to study and i got a 85 on a test, the worst expirence ive had in math was in 8th grade where i wasnt found of the teacher as the teacher wasnt found of me no work or understnaing of the 8th curriculm was completed.
this year i hope to check up with the mathmetics that i need to know @ a 9th grade level. i hope i can do the work.

Kyra Hagerman
9/11/2012 04:05:09

I consider myself to be a good math student. I usually ca grasp a concept really easily and if I don't at first, reviewing the concept and doing examples always helps. If I still don't understand, I go to a friend or my parents and have them try to explain it to me. overall, if I take down notes and do examples, I usually get the hang of it quickly.

I don't really have "good experiences" with math. I wold guess what thats saying is that you found it easy to understand, but I don't consider an easy concept a good experience. Bad experiences, however, I do have. for me, geometry and the Pythegorean theorem were my bad experiences. when i would take a test on these, sometimes I would get to a question i thought was easy, and then when i "solved" it, i was baffled and confused. As of right now, I think I'm better at those things now than i was a year ago.

This year in math, I hope to do well and not have much trouble with concepts and formulas. Overall, math is easy for me if it's explained the right way, so hopefully this will be a good year. I hope to learn new things and then use them in my life after I've learned it.

I think I'll conclude this by saying that even though I might occasionally show signs I don't care, I really do want to learn new concepts because I know math is important and I will use it everyday for the rest of my life.

Anthony Zhu
9/11/2012 04:57:45

My name is Anthony Zhu. I am currently thirteen years old. My best subjects are usually science and math mostly because I enjoy them the most. Math is usually harder because i rush through my work a lot and I do not bother to double or triple check my work. Because of this my science grades are much higher than my math grades. I also do not like games like icebreaker, because I usually like to be quiet. I do not like crowded areas because they freak me out and I can't stand it.
I consider myself to be pretty good at math because I usually understand almost everything my past teachers used to say. Most of the stuff I learned in middle school were pretty easy and I usually breeze through it. Math has always been easy to me and I sometimes i do not pay attention, and that results in careless mistakes and I would lower my grade.
I am pretty good with algebra and factoring. These type of math problems have always been very easy to solve or simplify. However, there are some parts of math I do hate, these are fractions and radicals. Fractions are very annoying the way you must simplify them and you have to go through many steps to complete a single problem. Radicals on the other hand, revolve around the use of exponents and square roots. I am pretty good with squares but i hate square roots because not every number has a perfect square. These numbers are number that do not end, and they just drive me crazy.
I hope to learn more about radicals and find a easier way to memorize square roots, and I hope I can enjoy working with the class about math. (Even if i do not talk much). I also hope to gain more skill as a mathematician and learn about topics that i have not learned before.

Natalie Murillo
9/11/2012 05:09:38

In this small essay i will be explaining my pros and cons with this subject.
Well to be completely honest i consider myself to be an okay math student but it also depends on who is the teacher and how he or she is explaining the lesson. I usually concentrate extremely well but i also tend to get distracted...but i can grasp the concept most of the time. but if i don't then it will take me some time to get it done and understand it.
most of all i get extremely frustrated when it comes to learning and going over the same thing over and over again but thats not the only thing that gets me frustrated and ticked off, the thing that irritates me the most is when im doing my work and going over it and then the teacher decides to call me. like i dont really feel like talking im extremely shy when it comes to sharing my answers and talking in front of the class.
but most of all i always do my work but i can be lazy as well when we get so much homework i wont do it..but i will try my best to get it done and get everything finished on time. but mainly i dont like math as much...
in conclusion math is important even though i dont enjoy it its also worth it and i will continue to use it for the rest of my life.

jade connan
9/11/2012 05:29:46

Am I good at math?
I dont think I could be called brilliant in math but ii am pretty good in some part in math like for example i am really good in algebra because in my old school in France we almost only did geometry and at least once a month we worked on algebra for them geometry was very important and I still don't know y ?
I just started last year really working on it at first it was so had i thought it was a other language i needed help almost all the time and what made it even worse it was the first time i do math in english when I herd equation i couldn't imagine the equation in my head it was impossible but i learn little by little how it worked i started by the basic of Algebra were every one was working on that a year ago.Now i am at the same level as every one in my grade its still sometimes hard to understand

What happen to me very often in my old school is that the teacher would pick me randomly to do a exercise on the board ujually i did not understand at first.My old teacher were very classic and teached the old way and if i i told them i did not understand they would scream at me and say i was not lisening and didn't want to re explane to me so in testes i was clules

I hope that this year after Miss D say something i will understand what she says on the moment and not a hour after she explains to me.
and I want to finish my home work not in 2 hours.

Dorian Hoxha
9/11/2012 12:09:07

My Math Autobiography

In math, I consider myself to be an okay learner.There are a few topics that I understand in math and there are a few that I dont understand.These two balance each other out.Math sometimes is a challenging subject for me but, in the end I enjoy challenges.Challenges make me motivated to finish what i am supposed to accomplish.Also, im do very well in math if im given equations to help solve problems.I can memorize my equations and use them to help me with homework,tests, and everyday classes in math.
Throughout my years learning math, ive had both good and bad expieriences in math.I've had good expieriences with math in topics like basic algebra equations,linear equations,polynomials,trigonometry ,and more. I've had bad experiences with math topics like Probability and Angles.
During this Year, i hope to accomplish a lot of things.I hope to accomplish understand topics that we learn in class.I hope to accomplish to get a high grade in this class and see how i improve as a mathematician.And i hope to understand the homework and be a succesfull learner for math this year.

Tynasia Scott
9/11/2012 12:09:10

In this essay I will be writing about my feelings towards math. I will talk about my good and bad experiences with math. Also, I will be talking about what I expect from myself this year in math class.
I consider myself bad at math, because ever since I was in elementary school, math has sorta been a struggle for me. Math is my worst subject. It takes me some time to understand some things in math. I struggle with math, and it fustrates me when I don't understand a problem and I can't get it right. Sometimes I have trouble passing math tests and math quizzes, because once I learn something in math, I forget what I have learned eventually. When I can't get a problem right the 1st or 2nd time, it's easy for me to just give up.
I've had both good and bad experiences in math. One good experience I had was in 8th grade, when we had a quiz and I had gotten a 98% on it. I was surprised at myself, because I actually had a good score and I didn't fail it. One bad experience that I really hated was in 7th grade, when my math teacher had cards for every student. He called a card, and sometimes you would end up having to answer the question, even when you didn't raise your hand or even when you didn't know the answer. I hated it, because most of time I didn't understand the problem, or I just didn't try to do it. I also hated it, because it would be really awkward when I got the answer wrong in front of the whole class. It made me doubt myself a lot in 7th grade.
This year in math class I hope to accomplish good grades. I will try my best to have my math grade in at least the 80's and above. I hope to do well in math quizzes, math tests, and even graded homework. I also hope that my math teacher can help me accomplish the goals that i'm trying to set for myself.

Kareem Felder
9/12/2012 00:57:21

my experience in math was positive for the most part. In middle school and elementray school math wasn't my favorite subject but my grades in math class always stayed up to 80 to 90. I dont really like numbers unleast its some hot girls number, because the only way i made math something i liked is because i try to add something in thats intersting to me. Thats why i think last year was hard for me in math because in high school math isn't a joke.anymore. Math is really a studying subject and studying isn't really what i like to do. This year im going to try better to do as much to study for math, mean that im take 10 more mintues after finsing my homework. So i can get 80 and 90 in math again.

Melek Sulejman
9/12/2012 02:34:05

For this paper, I will be writing about the experiences i've had in math throughout my past years in class. I will talk about my good and bad years and what i want to accomplish for this year.
My math experience overal has not been my best. I would consider myself a good mathematician but not good enough to make myself proud. I feel like I haven't really putt all my effort into my work with my math during my middle school years. 7th grade was one of my poorest years, i wouldn't say my worst, but i was definitely being lazy. This year I want to make myself proud and try my best.

The problem I have with math is when I do homework I'm completely fine; I understand what I'm doing and complete everything that has to be down. But when I do a test/quiz I feel like I have no idea what's going on.

What I need to do this year to become a better mathematician is, I need to always be on task in class. A way I can prove myself that I'm on task is to take notes, notes can help me with anything. For example notes will help me with any homework I have, or studying before a test or quiz. I hope this year will be a fresh start to the rest of my years with math. I will try my best and I will make myself proud.

Sarahi Villar
9/13/2012 05:20:41

I would say that I'm not bad at math but im not the best. i sometimes understand things in one second but sometimes its really hard for me to understand what they have explained to me. One of the good experiences i have had in math would be passing my state test with a pretty good grade when i thought i was going to fail it. one of the bad experiences i've had in math would be getting frustrated really often because i dont understand something.

What i want to accomplish this year is to stay on task in class in order to understand what i need to learn. Something i would do to try to help me accomplish what i want is to try not to have conversations with the people next to me to maintain my focus. Another thing i would want to accomplish is to pass my class with a good grade.

9/13/2012 21:42:15

Me and math don't really go well unless if something I master. I actually like math because its something i will use in the future. The easy way for me to learn math is to study it. I can be lazy sometime and not do homework, but this year i'm going to succeed. One thing i was keep in my head that is a quote is "If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you are successful."
My most improving experience in math is learning multiplying and adding polynomials. I actually studied them and master them on summer school but I need to get back on track with them because after summer school I was only working out and focusing on basketball so that I can come to high-school with a fresh mind and learn new things.
My bad experience is learning ratios and dividing them. I hate dividing them because the get to me like a nerve in my body that erects. I also dislike algebra sometimes but then I can go over them and study them.
This year I would love to get all the gel in the world so I can become a good student , not saying i'm not but I will love to get good grades higher then 80's and 90's. My math experience this 9th grade freshman year will be successful and i'm going to work hard and study my best to do good.


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